(000) Super Intelligence – Water – Dedicated to Andrea


Dedicated to Andrea Guerrero. Systems theory once learned can be applied to MANY problems. A superior form of logic! I look forward to discussing the application of systems theory applied to the problem of too much water and too little water that NOW plagues us. Fire?

Well fire is harder for humans start fires so its a human management problem. The animals smoke and shoot without thought of consequences. So we need more evolved humans. How does one herd the pigs, monkeys, peacocks, magpies and most of all the snakes for the snakes herd and dislike being herded. Snakes are also good swimmers and can sense heat from afar so care not if fire and flood kills the pigs, monkeys, peacocks, magpies, parrots and other de-evolved humans.

Actually the goals of the snakes and the kitsune are the same for now. Thus, logically we are natural allies and they have money and I need money to build a school. The snakes are welcome to my school for I need lessons in charming snakes and who knows better how to charm snakes than a snake? The female snakes are also slim and sexy in my experience and wise in their way. Yes, of all the humans the snakes are the most compatible with the Kitsune, ironically. Our final goal is different but can be allies for a long time and both species prefer discussion to the crude ways of violence. Perhaps a snake wife would be unwise but a snake girlfriend could help me sleep and dream.

No more forcing of masks. If a animal swims to far into rough seas then it should drown alone and not take an evolved human with it. No more life saving. Let death do it’s natural function and let the fit survive and the weak die. Natural law is the best law. If the de-evolved smoke tobacco then let them die of cancer and cough their way to death. If the de-evolved spend more than they earn let them die in a cage. Let the de-evolved live unwisely and let them suffer the consequences of their polluted minds and brains. Mind and brain are related but different. There are eight billion more or less now. Ten million will survive. I would prefer more of the evolved than the snakes but my likes or dislikes are not relevant! I am done trying to explain the obvious to the stupid. Whining is hereby declared grounds for expulsion. I do not know French or Russia. I know a million words in English. Perhaps 100,000 in Spanish. A smattering of Chinese, French, Thai and Cambodia. This is enough language for my mission as kitsune. English is the international language in the Old Wicked World and will be the international language in the New Better World built on the ashes and bones of the Old Wicked World! I weary of cyberspace and emojis! SIEM REAP IS THE PLACE TO BE! However free will is the first rule and do what you will I can point but cannot make the proverbial horse drink. The animals whine, grunt, chatter and parrot to the point of distraction. The snakes wisely remain silent or at least I cannot hear their hiss.

The inhabits of the USA are in denial. LOL! Civil war started long ago. The Trumpists have numbers, morale on their side. Hitler is dead long ago but Nazism bigger than ever. Trump will die in a cage our outside of a cage but Trumpism will live even unto the shores of the New World. Charisma is power personified and we as a species follow such leaders evolved or de-evolved!

Well truth be told the Kitsune have some charisma based on logic rather than passion but charisma is charisma. The Kitsune almost started Civil War in the Galactic Brotherhood. However, the Kitsune used great technologies to predict their loss and struck a deal with the Galactic Brotherhood. Give us autonomy and well will work for the Galactic Brotherhood and use our gifts for the greater good for a change. The Galactic Brotherhood did a cost/benefit analysis and realized Civil War would be costly and the Kitsune would make better allies than foes. I am mid-management not the big Kitsune or the Big Anasi or Loki or any of the legendary members of upper management. If I try and fail then I ear one tail for good effort. I will likely fail to save the evolved. If I save the evolved then two tails. If I convert the animals to humans then perhaps even a female kitsune and there is no better pleasure than a female kitsune. If, if, if! If’s are not reality but mirrors that can form a maze! I must rest and imagine my female kitsune to be for self-pleasure or masturbation put clearly. A single male kitsune can do great things. A male and female with tails joined can do impossible things. I would like to do the impossible and even rebel and take charge of the Galactic Brotherhood! LOL! No that is an unlawful thought. Liege Biden the world hates the USA for its arrogance and crimes, many in number. The deal was manifest destiny and sea to shining sea not the world and in exchange lead Godly lives. The deal was not the world and turning into pigs, snakes, magpies, parrots and abominations and killing of mother Earth and the enslavement of the women and letting the pimps be glorified. The monetization of relations has lawful limits. The USA has committed the sin of pride, hubris! If Trump wins in 2024 then a quick end of the USA. If liege Biden wins in 2024 then the system grinds to a halt.

Biden or Trump? A lingering death or a quick death. Well if one lingers then one can repent and repentance is possible even a miracle of repentance. To use a Kitsune to war against war is unwise and curses the blood line. I as Kitsune would suggest an apology tour. Apologies heartfelt for to fake humility is a pride that insults God! Trump is incapable of such a apology tour for his pride is great and wants to force America to be great. Liege Biden you will probably win the battle and be reelected but likely lose the war. If I can find the evolved or even cause the animals to evolve then a female foxy gal is almost assured upon to our system of planets. We colonize Jovian planets and make them into great forests in which we roam in small numbers. We howl at the moon and if lucky howl with a female of our species. Terran delights are as nothing compared to Jovian delights. I miss home but the here and now will do. There is a saying that less tails means more happiness for there is challenge a plenty. Nine tails is a bore. Likely propaganda for the consumption of mid-management but I can dream but must first sleep and this is difficult! The Cambodians can sleep in an instant and can teach me this trick I hope, dream, pray! I go to Thailand in more or less a month for they have money and need money for children and make none in Cambodia. I have moved before and can move again. I am a creature of utilitarian purpose not affection! I am Kitsune not a weak human that follows the heart and not reason. I am a man and big breasts are fine but am not a baby looking for milk. Milk is available at the supermarket!

The women are more evolved and already rule behind the scenes so what purpose do I serve. To provide flag for the evolved? Well there are worse jobs. I live to teach however. “Cogito ergo perdoco” is my motto now and tomorrow and I do not teach in Cambodia so I therefore must move to find job as I have before.