365) Radar Sense

Radar Sense – The character generates electromagnetic waves which travel outward in order to perceive objects like radar.  Similar to (162) Electroreception.  Radar sense is the active generation of electromagnetic fields while electroreception  is the passive sensing of electromagnetic fields.

Literary Critique of Radar Sense 

Does Daredevil have radar sense and/or (156) Echolocation? Radar sense in the case of Daredevil is portrayed in comic books as a series of concentric circles emanating from the character’s head and usually from the center of his eyes at that.  Is Daredevil emanating some sort of high pitched sound or some sort of electromagnetic energy?  Daredevil is just about always grim faced and has his mouth closed when this happens so how is he emanating sound?  Does Daredevil have a second mouth we don’t know about?  I don’t think so therefore Daredevil must be emanating some sort of electromagnetic energy from his brain instead, maybe from his frontal lobes!  Echolocation and radar sense are treated interchangeably in many cases but I think this is a mistake.  Echolocation is similar to sonar.

Sonar is not radar (sonar versus radar)!

Therefore, the human equivalent of sonar would not be like the human equivalent of radar.

Radar sense-Daredevil (Marvel)

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