342) Plasma Mimicry

Plasma Mimicry – The being is composed of plasma and has all the powers that state entails. Stars are composed of plasma!

Dr. Strange (Marvel) discovers that stars are alive and intelligent in Doctor Strange Master of the Mystic Arts #24.

Plasma Mimicry–Doctor Strange V1 #24-8 Plasma Mimicry–Doctor Strange V1 #24-12 Plasma Mimicry–Doctor Strange V1 #24-14

In Sandman: Endless Nights we meet Sol (our sun), Rao (Krypton’s sun), Sto-Oa (the sun of the Oans) and Mizar.

Plasma Mimicry–Sandman-Endless Nights-63 Plasma Mimicry–Sandman-Endless Nights-72 Plasma Mimicry–Sandman-Endless Nights-74 Plasma Mimicry–Sandman-Endless Nights-76

In The Sandman: Overture the stars are entering the realm of Delirium and that is literally the realm of madness. This is a problem that the Sandman must fix or the universe is doomed.

Plasma Mimicry–The Sandman-Overture #6 (of 6) (2015)

The Shi’ar Imperial Guard includes G-Type (Marvel) who is composed of plasma.


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