141) Dream Transportation

Dream Transportation – The ability to enter a dream dimension. This dream dimension is ontologically “real”.

Zhuangzi had a Butterfly Dream in which he dreamed he was a butterfly and then wondered if he was a man that dreamed he was a butterfly or a butterfly dreaming he is a man.

Dream Transportation-Chuang Tzu Dreaming Butterfly

H.P. Lovecraft wrote about the Dreamlands, a land that can be entered via our dreams.

Dream Transportation-HP Lovecraft Dreamland Map

In Mystic V2 #43 (Atlas), A destitute old man turns out to be a handsome hero in a dream reality.

Dream Transportation-Mystic V2 #43-11 Dream Transportation-Mystic V2 #43-12

Nightmask V1 #2


Raspor (DC) can uses his nightmare vision to send his girlfriend Viperie to the nightmare dimension in order to marry Supergirl in Action Comics V1 #338.


A man crosses a road and ends up in a dream by a city in “A Tale of Two Cities” – The Sandman-World’s End V8 (2012).

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