406) Sound Mimicry

Sound Mimicry – The character has a body composed of sound.  Sound Mimicry is also known as Audio Mimicry, Noise Mimicry, Noise Physiology, Sonic Mimicry, Sonic Physiology, Sonokinetic Form and Sound Physiology.

Literary Critique of Sound Mimicry 

Klaw (Marvel) decided to become pure sound  in Fantastic Four V1 #56.

Sound Mimicry–Klaw-Fantastic Four #56 (1966) (DC)

Klaw is sliced into pieces by Doctor Doom and he feels no pain in Secret War I #9.

Sound Mimicry–Klaw-Secret Wars I #9

Music Master is probably the first character that can become sound in Heroic #12 (Eastern Color).

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