476) Vision (multi)

Vision (multi) – The ability to see with more than two eyes and therefore have enhanced vision.

Argus Panoptes as part of the Olympus Group (Marvel) augments his 100 eyes with some technology in order to defeat Hercules and his team in Incredible Hercules #138.

Vision (multi)–Argus-Incredible Hercules #138

The Ten-Eyed Man (DC) is a foe of Batman that can see with his hands due to an operation in Batman V1 #226.

Vision (multi)-Batman #226-Ten-Eyed Man

An alien with eyes in the back of his head in Adventures into Weird Worlds #2 (Atlas).

The Beholder in Dungeons and Dragons has multiple eyes and the different eyes have different types of rays. Different beholders have different powers.

Vision (multi)–Beholder

Squirrel Girl points out the obvious, lots of eyes mean lots of targets in The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #7.

Vision (multi)–The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #7 (2016)

Trevor Hawkins (Marvel) alias Eye Boy is a student in Jean Grey School for Higher Learning and was introduced in Wolverine & The X-Men V1 #19 (Marvel).

Vision (multi)–Trevor Hawkins-Wolverine & The X-Men V1 #19 (Marvel)

Azazel (Vertigo) wins the prize for the creepiest character with multiple eyes in Lucifer V2 #5.

Vision (multi)-Azazel-Lucifer V2 #5 (2016)-3 Vision (multi)-Azazel-Lucifer V2 #5 (2016)-4

Belsameth’s Watchmen – Creature Collection III. Savage Bestiary


Eyedra – Creature Collection III. Savage Bestiary


Eyeguy (Ben 10)


The Eye in Man-Thing V6 #4.

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