458) Transmutation (limited)

Transmutation (limited) – The ability to do transmutation that is specialized to the point of absurdity. Similar to 454) Transmutation (animal), 455) Transmutation (elemental), 456) Transmutation (gold), 457) Transmutation (insect), 459) Transmutation (object), 460) Transmutation (organic) and 461) Transmutation (petrification).

Literary Critique of Transmutation (limited) 

Candyman (Savage Dragon) can transform anything into chocolate for a period of one hour.


Heinrich von Marzipan (Codename Kids Next Door) temporarily could also turn anything into chocolate!

Detergent Monster can clean anything in Archie’s Madhouse #41.


Fruit Boy (DC) can cause fruit to ripen in Legion of Super-Heroes V5 #38.


Super TV Repairman can turn B&W TV sets into color sets in Archie’s Madhouse #37.


Dishman (Eclipse) turns dirty dishes into clean dishes in Dishman #1.

transmutation-limited-dishman-1-7-eclipse transmutation-limited-dishman-1-8-eclipse

The Terrible Titan (Archie) steals a ray that turns objects into glass in Super Heroes versus Super Villains #1.


On the world Morgru an underling shows off turning victims into glass in Superman V1 #229.

Tarik (DC) also executes his victims by turning them into glass in Adventure Comics v1 #372 (1968).

The original Kryptonite Kid (DC) not only irradiated kryptonite but could turn objects into kryptonite as shown in Superboy V1 #99.

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