204) Gravity Manipulation

Gravity Manipulation – The ability to manipulate or generate gravitons, or other types of gravitational interactions.

Geo-Force (DC) has this power (Who’s Who in the DC Universe #1).

Gravity Manipulation-Geo-Force-Who's Who in the DC Universe #1

Black Mass (DC) controls graviton particles in Justice League of America V1 #236.

Graviton (Marvel) has this power and first appears in Avengers V1 #139.

Gravity manipulation–Graviton-Avengers V1 #139

In Thunderbolts V1 #57, Graviton demonstrates that he is one of the more powerful supervillains due to his gravity manipulation power level.

 Gravity Manipulation–Graviton-Thunderbolts V1 #57

In the Fantastic Four V1 #94, the Wizard (Marvel) uses anti-gravity discs as a weapon.

Gravity Manipulation-Wizard-Fantastic Four V1 #94

Airmale – Official Golden-Age Hero and Heroine Directory #1


BulletmanOfficial Golden-Age Hero and Heroine Directory #1


Freefall – Gen 13


Galaxy Trio – Gravity Girl-Hanna-Barbera


Gravattack – Ben 10


Gravity (Marvel) – All-New OHOTMU A to Z #5


Flesh – “Legend of Shamana” – 2000 AD #805

Gravitron – Second Doctor Sourcebook

Judge Dredd – “Pup Fiction” – 2000 AD #1086

Miracleman 22 # (Eclipse)

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