204) Gravity Manipulation

Gravity Manipulation – The ability to manipulate or generate gravitons, or other types of gravitational interactions.  Gravity Manipulation is also known as Gravitation Manipulation, Gravitational Field Manipulation, Gravitational Manipulation, Graviton Manipulation, Gravitokinesis, Gravity Control, Gravikinesis, Gyrokinesis and Tensor Field Manipulation.

Literary Critique of Gravity Manipulation 

Geo-Force (DC) has this power (Who’s Who in the DC Universe #1).

Gravity Manipulation-Geo-Force-Who's Who in the DC Universe #1

Black Mass (DC) controls graviton particles in Justice League of America V1 #236.

Graviton (Marvel) has this power and first appears in Avengers V1 #139.

Gravity manipulation–Graviton-Avengers V1 #139

In Thunderbolts V1 #57, Graviton demonstrates that he is one of the more powerful supervillains due to his gravity manipulation power level.

 Gravity Manipulation–Graviton-Thunderbolts V1 #57

In the Fantastic Four V1 #94, the Wizard (Marvel) uses anti-gravity discs as a weapon.

Gravity Manipulation-Wizard-Fantastic Four V1 #94

Airmale – Official Golden-Age Hero and Heroine Directory #1


BulletmanOfficial Golden-Age Hero and Heroine Directory #1


Freefall – Gen 13


Galaxy Trio – Gravity Girl-Hanna-Barbera


Gravattack – Ben 10


Gravity (Marvel) – All-New OHOTMU A to Z #5


Flesh – “Legend of Shamana” – 2000 AD #805

Gravitron – Second Doctor Sourcebook

Judge Dredd – “Pup Fiction” – 2000 AD #1086

Miracleman 22 # (Eclipse)

Captain Gravity (Image) controls gravity but can’t control his drinking in After The Cape #1.

Free Fall (Image) – Wildstorm Universe Sourcebook #1

Willa (Image) – Skyward #1

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