020) Animal Perception

Animal Perception – The ability to perceive events using the animal kingdom as a conduit for enhanced perception.  Animal Perception is also known as Animal Embodiment, Animal Kingdom Embodiment, Animal Lordship, Animal Society Embodiment, Animalia Embodiment, Animalia Lordship, Beast Embodiment, Beast Lordship, Fauna Embodiment and Fauna Lordship.  Similar to (023) Animal Scrying.

Literary Critique of Animal Perception 

In the case of animal scrying, the character can see through the senses of a particular animal.  Animal perception means the character can perceive via the animal kingdom not just an individual animal.  This power was made up by DC for Animal Man as a parallel to Swamp Thing’s plant perception. The concept of a morphogenetic field was expanded into a dimension that connects all animals.

Animal Perception–Animal Man


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