433) Superhuman Tracking

Superhuman Tracking – The ability to track a person and/or object to a degree that is superhuman and transcends the limits of the five senses.  Superhuman Tracking is also known as Advanced Tracking, Enhanced Tracking, Long-Range Tracking and Supernatural Tracking.

Literary Critique of Superhuman Tracking 

Obviously, any character with (425) Superhuman Senses (smell) is going to be able to track a person using their scent but this power transcends smell and in the case of Dawnstar (DC) works in the vacuum of space.  Also, a person with (471) Vision (electromagnetic) might be able to track an energy trail but a tracking sense is something beyond that.

Cyber (Marvel) uses his tracking ability to find Wolverine in Wolverine V2 #80.

Superhuman Tracking–Cyber-Wolverine V2 #80

The Silver Surfer (Marvel) does have  (471) Vision (electromagnetic) and that allows him to track the energy trail of Thanos to a point.  However, Thanos leaves divergent energy trails.  A character with a tracking sense probably would not be fooled with false energy trails and would somehow know which energy trail was the correct one.

Dawnstar (DC) demonstrates her interstellar tracking ability in Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes #226.

Superhuman Tracking–Dawnstar-Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes #226

Moondancer (Marvel) is a member of the Imperial Guard and may be a pastiche of Dawnstar (DC).


Gorgo (Love and Rockets) has the supernatural ability to track down particular women and sometimes pays a price physically when he finds them (Love and Rockets V1 #47).

Gorgo has used this power to be the rather creepy guardian angel of Maria until her death in Love & Rockets – Luba Conquers the World.

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