299) Mind Control (hypnotism)

Mind Control (hypnotism) – The ability to use hypnotism to control other people. Hypnotism is done primarily via eye contact in fiction.  The big drawback to this form of mind power is that eye contact is needed.  Mind Control (hypnotism) is also known as Hypnosis, Hypnotizing, Mesmerizing and Mesmerization.

Literary Critique of Mind Control (hypnotism)

In Tomb of Dracula V1 #44, Dracula (Marvel) is such a powerful hypnotist that he is even able to hypnotize the powerful wizard Doctor Strange (Marvel)!

Mind Control (hypnotism)-Dracula vs Doctor Strange-Tomb of Dracula V1 #44

In Fantastic Four V1 #3, Miracle Man (Marvel) appears to do miracles until he is blinded by the Human Torch.

Mind Control (hypnotism)-Miracle Man-Fantastic Four V1 #3-5 Mind Control (hypnotism)-Miracle Man-Fantastic Four V1 #3-23 Mind Control (hypnotism)-Miracle Man-Fantastic Four V1 #3-24

Doctor Missbrauch aka Dr. M is a hypnotist that is part of The Chimera Brigade (Titan).

Mind Control (hypnotism)-Doctor Missbrauch aka Dr M-The Chimera Brigade (Titan)

Captain Sprocket – Archie’s MadHouse #58


Fah Lo Suee (Marvel)Master of Kung Fu #26


Ultroloth – D&D 3.5 – Monster Manual III


Harlequin (DC) has special glasses that let her hypnotize others in DC Who’s Who Update ’88 #1.


Aliens have hypnotized Batman and made him torture Superman more than once.

Batman is first hypnotized in World’s Finest Comics V1 #145.

Batman is again hypnotized by a villain named Jemphis (DC) in World’s Finest Comics V1 #163.

FendahlFourth Doctor Sourcebook

Hypnotic Screwdriver Attachment – Third Doctor Sourcebook

Superman has super-hypnotism in Jimmy Olsen #99. This appears to be a one-shot superpower for Superman.

Judge Dredd – “The Man Who Broke the Law” – 2000 AD #969

Mad Hatter (DC) – Hypno Hat – DC Heroes-DC Technical Manual

Shadow Hunter (Marvel) – Bizarre Adventures V1 #28

Silver Dagger (Marvel) – Dr. Strange-Master of the Mystic Arts #1

Tempto the Intuiter (Vertigo) – The Dreaming #2

The Mekon has a hypnotism machine in Dan Dare #1 (Titan).

The ShadowFourth Doctor Sourcebook

Hypnos-The Omega Men-The End is Here (DC)

Evil Eye uses social media to extend the range of his hypnotism in Earth-Prime #5 to the chagrin of Impulse (DC).

299) mind-control-hypnotism-Evil Eye-Social Media-Earth-Prime #5 (DC)

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