299) Mind Control (hypnotism)

Mind Control (hypnotism) – The ability to use hypnotism to control other people. The big drawback to this form of mind power is that eye contact is needed.

In Tomb of Dracula V1 #44, Dracula (Marvel) is such a powerful hypnotist that he is even able to hypnotize Doctor Strange!

Mind Control (hypnotism)-Dracula vs Doctor Strange-Tomb of Dracula V1 #44

In Fantastic Four V1 #3, Miracle Man (Marvel) appears to do miracles until he is blinded by the Human Torch.

Mind Control (hypnotism)-Miracle Man-Fantastic Four V1 #3-5 Mind Control (hypnotism)-Miracle Man-Fantastic Four V1 #3-23 Mind Control (hypnotism)-Miracle Man-Fantastic Four V1 #3-24

Doctor Missbrauch aka Dr. M is a hypnotist that is part of The Chimera Brigade (Titan).

Mind Control (hypnotism)-Doctor Missbrauch aka Dr M-The Chimera Brigade (Titan)

Captain Sprocket – Archie’s MadHouse #58


Fah Lo Suee (Marvel)Master of Kung Fu #26


Ultroloth – D&D 3.5 – Monster Manual III


Harlequin (DC) has special glasses that let her hypnotize others in DC Who’s Who Update ’88 #1.


Aliens have hypnotized Batman and made him torture Superman more than once.

Batman is first hypnotized in World’s Finest Comics V1 #145.

Batman is again hypnotized by a villain named Jemphis (DC) in World’s Finest Comics V1 #163.

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