289) Microwave Manipulation

Microwave Manipulation – The ability to convert ambient electromagnetic energy into microwaves and manipulate it into various effects such as heat, light, and radiation.  Microwave Manipulation is also known as Fournos Mikrokymatonkinesis and Microwave Control.

Literary Critique of Microwave Manipulation 

Firestar (Marvel) is a superheroine that has this power.

Microwave manipulation-Firestar

Fahrenheit (Wildstorm) can manipulate microwave radiation (Stormwatch Sourcebook).

Microwave Manipulation-Fahrenheit-Stormwatch Sourcebook

Microwave Man (DC) uses microwaves for a variety of effects, such as force fields, that show that the writers don’t understand what microwaves are in Action Comics V1 #488.

Hit-Girl is the proud owner of a microwave gun in Hit-Girl #2 (2018).

Microwave (Image) – Freedom Force #4

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