343) Plastic Manipulation

Plastic Manipulation – The ability to manipulate plastic.  Plastic Manipulation is also known as Plastic Control and Plastikí ýlikinesis.

Literary Critique of Plastic Manipulation

The Nestene Consciousness (Doctor Who) likes to inhabit plastic mannequins and use them to take over the Earth. In Doctor Who – Prisoners of Time #6 (IDW), the Doctor realizes punching plastic is not effective and goes ahead and melts some autons.

Plastic Manipulation-Auton-Doctor Who - Prisoners of Time #6 (of 12) (2013)-19 Plastic Manipulation-Auton-Doctor Who - Prisoners of Time #6 (of 12) (2013)-22

A mad scientist comes up with a formula that can enlarge plastic and rubber which is unfortunate for Plastic Man in Plastic Man V1 #64 (Quality).

plastic-manipulation-plastic-man-v1-64-quality-4 plastic-manipulation-plastic-man-v1-64-quality-7

Cuckoo Man is frozen in plastic in Mighty Heroes #4 (Dell)! Plastic is pliable when hot not cold! I guess the writers never used a glue gun!

Molder (DC) fights Batman and Plastic Man in Brave and the Bold V1 #76.

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