261) Magic Books

Magic Books – The ability to use a magic book to gain knowledge for superhuman powers and/or feats.

The Book of the Vishanti is a book with good magic spells (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe V1 #15).

Chton (Marvel) created the Darkhold (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe V1 #15).

Book of Cagliostro in Marvel Premiere #12

Iron Bound Books of Shuma-Gorath Conan the Barbarian #258

Tome of Zhered-Na (Marvel) in Fear V1 #11

Necronomicon (Boom)

The Necronomicon makes an appearance in Ash vs The Army of Darkness #0 (Dynamite).

Eerie #33 – 243 Blank Pages

Trading Card Games have a surprising number of magic books!

Book of Air

Book of Days

Book of Dzyan Atlantean

Book of Dzyan English

Book of Eibon Atlantean

Book of Eibon English

Book of Going Forth by Night

Book of Law

Book of Life and Death

Book of Life

Book of Mazarbul

Book of Moon

Book of Secret Arts

Book of Taiyou

Book of the Angel Raziel


Books of Ascension

Dunkelzahns Black Book

Hidden Book of Spell

Hoyle’s Book 1769

Necronomicon Dee Edition

Necronomicon Greek

Spell Book

Spellbook of Secrets


Teachings of the Unfinished Book

The Book of Wrath

The Good Book

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