225) Imperceptibility (others)

Imperceptibility (others) – The ability to make another imperceptible and/or imperceptibility is forced unto the person by an external agency.  Imperceptibility (other/self) is also known as Aura Negation, Empty Presence, Non-Aura, Non-Presence, Presence Negation, Relative Nonexistence, Undetectability and Undetected Presence.

Literary Critique of Imperceptibility (others)

Lex Luthor (DC) turns his war suit immaterial in order to get into the war suit in Superman V1 #386.

If violent death leads to the person becoming an imperceptible ghost then this would be an example of this power. Ghost (1990) demonstrates how frustrating this condition would be as evidenced by Patrick Swayze’s expression below.

Imperceptibility (other)–Patrick Swayze-Ghost 1990

In Bits of Love (Outer Limits, Season 3, Episode 1), Emma, picture below, is a holograph who exists with other holographs and the holographs refuse to interact with the solid Aiden Hunter thus making him a ghost in a holographic world.

Imperceptibility (other)–Bits of Love-Outer Limits, Season 3, Episode 1

In the Invisible Man, Ralph Ellison argues that African Americans are made “invisible” by a white dominated capitalist system. Despite the title I would argue Ralph Ellison really means that while African Americans are of course seen, they are more actually not thought of and/or part of the perceptual system of society. For example, the mass media arguably spends more time and energy on the murder of a white person than a black person for whatever reasons. Black Lives Matters is an attempt to force the system to perceive and acknowledge violence directed at African Americans.

Imperceptibility (other)–Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison

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