442) Technopathy

Technopathy – The ability to develop, create, build, manipulate, tweak technology to a superhuman degree and/or control machines other than computers.  Technopathy is not cyberpathy.  Cyberpathy is the ability to control computers mentally rather than control machines in general. Cyberpathy is especially not the ability to build machines including computers!

Fixer (Marvel) is a supervillain that has this power (All-New OHOTMU A to Z #4).

Technopathy-Fixer (Marvel)-All-New OHOTMU A to Z #4

Forge (Marvel) is a superhero that has this power (All-New OHOTMU A to Z #4).

Technopathy-Forge (Marvel)-All-New OHOTMU A to Z #4

Gizmo (DC) is a supervillain that has this power.


Livewire (Valiant) is a psionic teletechnopath and able to control machines with force of will alone (Valiant Universe Handbook FCBD, 2014).


Technopathy-Livewire-Valiant Universe Handbook FCBD (2014)

The Ben 10 Universe has three technopaths including:

Jury Rigg (Ben 10)


Malware (Ben 10)


Upgrade (Ben 10)


Sammy Thrace (Image) demonstrates technopathy in Elephantmen – The Pilot.

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