109) Creativity Manipulation

Creativity Manipulation – The ability to enhance the creativity of another being.  Creativity Manipulation is also known as Creativity Inducement, Empathic Inspiration, Inspiration Granting, Inspiration Inducement, Inspire Creativity and Muse’s Touch.

Literary Critique of Creativity Manipulation 

The Muses of Greek mythology are an example of characters with this power.  In Sandman #17 (Vertigo), one of the muses, Calliope is imprisoned and forced to make an author creative.

Creativity Manipulation–Calliope-Sandman #17-8

Sandman (Vertigo) curses the author with too much creativity.

Creativity Manipulation-Calliope-Sandman #17-22

An alien in Deep Space Nine with this power helps Jake be more creative in The Muse.

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