187) Force Field Generation

Force Field Generation – The ability to project powerful fields of manipulated energy.  Force Field Generation is also known as Barrier Generation, Flyrogenesis, Deflection Field, Protection Bubbles, Ray Shields and Shielding.

Literary Critique of Force Field Generation 

Brainiac 5 (DC) inherited the force field belt technology from Brainiac. In Adventure Comics V1 #366, Tharok (DC) comes up with an interesting solution to the force field problem.

Force Field Generation–Brainiac 5 vs Tharok-Adventure Comics #366

Brainiac (DC) often wears a belt that generates a force field of incredible power. Even Superman cannot get past the force field generated (Action Comics V1 #242).

Force Field Generation–Brainiac vs Superman-Action Comics #242 (1958)

The Invisible Woman (Marvel) can make a variety of invisible energy constructs and not just force fields.

Force Field Generation–Invisible Woman

In Fantastic Four V1 #166, the Invisible Woman creates a force field around the head of the Hulk to cut off his air supply.

Force Field Generation-Invisible Girl-Fantastic Four V1 #166 (1976)-14 Force Field Generation-Invisible Girl-Fantastic Four V1 #166 (1976)-15

In Hulk V2 #9, the Invisible Woman uses a similar trick against the Red Hulk but adds a little electricity to the mix.

Force Field Generation-Invisible Woman-Hulk V2 #9 (2009)

The Invisible Woman (Marvel) uses her powers offensively in Fantastic Four the World’s Greatest Comic Magazine #1.


Daedalus is telekinetic that can make incredibly powerful force fields in Pantheon (Lone Star Press).

Force Field Generation-Daedalus-Pantheon #5 (Lone Star Press)

Unus the Untouchable (Marvel) is a supervillain that can only create force fields. The Beast uses technology to defeat Unus (Uncanny X-Men V1 #8).

Force field generation-Unus the Untouchable-Uncanny X-Men V1 #8

Force Warriors (Marvel) – X-Men Legacy #245

force-field-generation-force-warriors-x-men-legacy-245-2011-15 force-field-generation-force-warriors-x-men-legacy-245-2011-16

Juggernaut (Marvel) has a force field that can even stop Thor’s hammer (Thor v1 #411).


Peter DawsonRising Stars #2 (Top Cow)


Tales to Astonish V1 #9 (Marvel)


Julian Keller (Marvel) can use his telekinesis to create force fields in New X-Men – Hellions #1.

Kang the Conqueror (Marvel) can create force fields so powerful that they can withstand attacks from Thor and Iron Man at the same time (Avengers V1 #8).

As a prelude to the Infamous Iron Man, Doctor Doom have a force field competition. In Invincible Iron Man V2 #2, Doctor Doom shows his mystic force fields can take on anything Iron Man can dish out.

However, Iron Man gets even with Doctor Doom in Iron Man V2 #13.

A one-shot force field created by Howard Stark (Marvel) in International Iron Man #4. So why did Howard Stark’s son, Tony Stark, not incorporate a force field into even his first Iron Man suit?


Elu (DC) uses his force field to hide as well as protection in DC Who’s Who V1 #7.

Trading Card Games use force fields but sometimes call them shields.

Shield of Pure Soul


Buck Rogers #7 (Dynamite)

Judge Dredd – “Crusade” – 2000 AD #935

Lex Luthor (DC) – Superman V1 #653

Sinister Dexter – “The Eleventh Commandment” – 2000 AD #989

Kaijumax-Season Three #4 (Oni)

The Omega Men – The End is Here (2016)

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