435) Superhuman Wisdom

Superhuman Wisdom – The ability to combine intelligence with a high level of insight about one’s self and others. Self-understanding that leads to self-control is part of being wise.  Superhuman Wisdom is also known as Advanced Wisdom, Enhanced Sagacity, Enhanced Sapience, Enhanced Wisdom, Immense Wisdom, Sagacity, Super Wisdom, Understanding and Wisdom.  Similar to (421) Superhuman Intelligence.  However, as pointed out in the superhuman intelligence entry, those with superhuman intelligence often show low interpersonal and self understanding as a plot device.

Literary Critique of Superhuman Wisdom 

Captain Marvel (DC) officially has the wisdom of Solomon as demonstrated in SHAZAM!: Power of Hope.

Reed Richards (Marvel) is more intelligent than his wife Susan Storm (Marvel) but she shows more wisdom because she understands people better. This fact comes to the fore during the superhero Civil War when Reed Richards finds himself on the losing side as opposed to his wife.

Tony Stark (Marvel) is a genius but also an alcoholic that has impulse control issues and this shows he lacks wisdom.

Athena is the Goddess of Wisdom in Greek mythology.

Athena (DC) mostly interacts with Wonder Woman (DC) in the DC Universe.

Athena (Marvel) has an adventure with Hercules (Marvel) in the Incredible Hercules V1 #115.

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