093) Card Manipulation

Card Manipulation – The ability to manipulate cards or card themed technology.  Card Manipulation is also known as Card Bending, Card Control, and Kártakinesis.

Literary Critique of Card Manipulation

Madame Xanadu (DC) uses tarot cards to tell the future in DC Who’s Who V1 #14.


The Royal Flush Gang (DC) uses card themed technology in DC Who’s Who V1 #19.


Tarot (Marvel) can turn Tarot card characters into psychic constructs in New Mutants V1 #16.


Amazing Szymon (Vertigo) does card tricks with actual magic in Everafter #6.

Bullseye (Marvel) like to kill people with playing cards as demonstrated in Bullseye: Perfect Game #1.

Dirk Rawley uses magic cards to attack the Spectre (DC) in The Spectre V1 #2.

Loki shows some skill with cards in Defenders – Beyond #1 (2022).

093) Card Manipulation-Loki-Defenders - Beyond #1 (2022) - Page 15

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