323) Omnilingualism

Omnilingualism – The ability to understand any form of language.  Omnilingualism is also known as Allspeak, All-Tongue, Ciphering, Deciphering, Innate Multilingualism, Interpretation, Language Interpretation, Lingual Intuition, Linguistic Assimilation, Omnilingual Translation and Polyglotism.

Literary Critique of Omnilingualism 

Cypher (Marvel) can translate even demonic languages in New Mutants V3 #17 (Marvel).

Omnilingualism-Cypher-New Mutants V3 #17 (Marvel)


Cypher is resurrected in New Mutants #6 (Marvel) and can read body language i.e. he has(219) hyper kinesic perception.

Omnilingualism-Cypher-New Mutants #6-12 Omnilingualism-Cypher-New Mutants #6-13 Omnilingualism-Cypher-New Mutants #6-15 Omnilingualism-Cypher-New Mutants #6-16

The resurrected Cypher can also decipher a message that uses quantum entanglement as a code in X-Necrosha #1 (Marvel).

Omnilingualism-Cypher-X-Necrosha #1-35 Omnilingualism-Cypher-X-Necrosha #1-36

Starfire (DC) can learn any language through physical contact and kisses Robin to learn English in New Teen Titans V1 #2.

Omnilingualism–Starfire-The New Teen Titans V1 #2-9 Omnilingualism–Starfire-The New Teen Titans V1 #2-10

The Gooch can absorb any language with a touch in Monster Island #1 (Compass).


Superman’s robots are not omnilingual and blowup when exposed to Kryptonese in Superman V1 #177.


The helmet of Nova (Marvel) can translate languages in Champions #2.


Speakerstones – Creature Collection III. Savage Bestiary


Finn2000 AD #815

Judge Dredd – “Language Barrier” – 2000 AD #950

Rom’s TranslatorOfficial Handbook of the Marvel Universe V1 #15

Universal LanguageDark Avengers #176

Universal Grammar suggests that at some level all human languages have components in common!

Computer-assisted translation tools may someday provide a means for omnilingualism.

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