162) Electroreception

Electroreception – the ability to perceive natural electrical stimuli.  Electroreception is also known as Electric Field Detection, Electrolocation and Electrical Detection.

Literary Critique of Electroreception 

Some fish use electroreception to perceive foreign objects in their environment.


Humans do not appear to have the hardware for electroreception but perhaps Daredevil (Marvel) is the rare human that does! The alternative to electroreception as the basis of his radar sense is echolocation. If Daredevil was emitting some sort of sound, even ultrasonic sound then characters with superhuman hearing would have noticed and commented on this and this has not happened. Below is the echolocation view of Daredevil’s therefore misnamed radar sense.

Electroreception-Daredevil using echolocation

The next picture has Daredevil perceiving electromagnetic signals from broadcast stations which would tie in better with electroreception as opposed to sonar.

Electroreception-Daredevil using electroreception

The ability to perceive electrical muscle activity would mean that Daredevil could anticipate blows and even projectiles thrown by Bullseye (Marvel) using this specialized type of electroreception (Daredevil V1 #172).

Electroreception-Daredevil V1 #172 (1981)

Alex Gray suggests that kundalini yoga might give us something like electroreception.

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