259) Mace Manipulation

Mace Manipulation – The mace can be used for various superhuman effects due to the skill of the user and/or special properties of the mace.  Mace Manipulation is also known as Enhanced Macemanship and Enhanced Mace Proficiency.  A subcategory of (490) Weapon Manipulation. Other weapons include (049) Arrow Manipulation, (060) Axe Manipulation, (079) Bow Manipulation, (176) Everyday Object Weaponization, (205) Hammer Manipulation, (407) Spear Manipulation, (411) Staff Manipulation, 448) Thrown Weapon and (494) Whip Manipulation.  (490) Weapon Manipulation is a subcategory of (350) Power Bestowal (objects).

Literary Critique of Mace Manipulation 

Hercules (Marvel) has a Golden Mace made out of adamantine. Adamantine is indestructible but the Golden Mace is not enchanted and cannot return when thrown, control the elements and only be lifted by one who is worthy. In Thor V1 #126, Hercules reflects on the limits of his mace compared to Mjolnir.

Black Mace (DC) uses a mace made out of an experimental material that allows the mace to shatter most substances and can deliver an electrical shock (DC Who’s Who Update ’87 #1).

There are several Trading Card Game maces both magic and mundane.

Heavy Mace

Mace of Misery


Sjonegaard’s Mace

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