078) Bovine Anatomy

Bovine Anatomy – The character has the form and/or characteristics of a bovine.  Bovine Anatomy is also known as Bovine Body, Bovine Form, Bovine Mimicry, and Bovine Physiology.  Bovines include cattle and oxen.  Subcategory of (268) Mammalian Anatomy.

Literary Critique of Bovine Anatomy 

Cudley the Cowlick is a cow with the ability to travel between dimensions (TMNT Mutant Universe Sourcebook #1).

Bovine Mimicry-Cudley the Cowlick-TMNT Mutant Universe Sourcebook #1

Oxymoron is an immensely strong ox (TMNT Mutant Universe Sourcebook #3).

Bovine Mimicry-Oxymoron-TMNT Mutant Universe Sourcebook #3

The Shardhorn Hunter is a type of Minotaur (D&D 4th Edition – Monster Manual 3).

Bovine Mimicry-Shardhorn Hunter-Minotaur-D&D 4th Edition - Monster Manual 3

Minotaur – D&D 4th Edition – Monster Manual 1


Muskhorn – Creature Collection I


Tauron – Creature Collection II. Dark Menagerie


Yak Man – TSR 2158 Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume 2


Gorgon – TSR 2140A Monstrous Manual

Minotaur – TSR 2140A Monstrous Manual

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