446) Teleportation (self)

Teleportation (self) – The ability to move oneself and a person adjacent from one place to another without occupying the space in between.  Teleportation (self) is also known as Coordinate Change, Geo-Leaping, Phase-Jumping, Position Change, Spatial Movement, Teleport, Tele-Transportation and Translocation.  Similar to (347) Portal Creation, (445) Teleportation (other) and (499) Wormhole Creation.

Literary Critique of Teleportation (self) 

Ambush Bug (DC) can teleport to just about anywhere (Who’s Who in the DC Universe #16).

Teleportation (self)-Ambush Bug-Who's Who in the DC Universe #16

Blink (Marvel) can teleport herself and parts of other people which is (445) Teleportation (other) as well as (347) Portal Creation  in Blink #1.

Lockjaw (Marvel) and the Thing (Marvel) are the best Buddy Film in the Marvel Universe! I suggest a television cartoon in which Lockjaw and the Thing are charged by Doctor Strange (Marvel) to hide the Infinity Gems in the farthest reaches of the Marvel Universe so the Infinity Gauntlet will never be created again.  This happens after the events of the Avengers: Infinity War when Thanos (Marvel) is inevitably defeated.

Fantastic Four V1 #118

Fantastic Four V1 #160

Nightcrawler (Marvel) can only teleport around two miles away.  Nightcrawler combines short bursts of teleportation with his (420) Superhuman Agility .

Teleportation (self)–Nightcrawler (Marvel)

Raven (DC) fights like Nightcrawler despite not showing (420) Superhuman Agility in the past!  Also, a good example of totally stupid (173) Enhanced Combat since Raven has never shown these sort of combat skills in the past and never does again.

The Vanisher (Marvel) was the first teleporter I had ever read about in a comic book.  I remember the panels below distinctly in the original comic book I bought at a drug store in 1963.   I was six years old at the time.  The issue was X-Men V1 #2!  I was lucky to find that issue since the drug store rarely carried Marvel comics and if so then the Fantastic Four with an occasional Avengers issue.  This was my first X-Men issue and the Vanisher blew my mind.   Since then, teleportation has always been in any top five list of superpowers I would want to have.

Now that I read the panel carefully 50 plus years later, I wonder why Cyclops (Marvel) didn’t blast the Vanisher in the chest instead of aiming for the hand of the case the Vanisher was holding?  If Cyclops has enough control not to destroy the hand of the Vanisher then surely Cyclops can stun not kill the Vanisher?  Make sure to read the Hugh Fox III Comic Book Autobiography .

The Wink (Marvel) can teleport short distances via the 5th dimension (Marvel Nemesis – Rise of The Imperfects Official Game Guide).

Teleport (self)-The Wink-Marvel Nemesis - Rise of The Imperfects Official Game Guide

Blink Dog – D&D 3.5 – Monster Manual I


Charismagic – Aspen Universe – Sourcebook #1 (2016)


DhalsimStreet Fighter 2 Turbo


Justice League – Transporter TubeDC Heroes-DC Technical Manual

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