446) Teleportation (self)

Teleportation (self) – The ability to move oneself and a person adjacent from one place to another without occupying the space in between.

Ambush Bug (DC) has this power and can teleport to just about anywhere (Who’s Who in the DC Universe #16).

Teleportation (self)-Ambush Bug-Who's Who in the DC Universe #16

Nightcrawler (Marvel) is a superhero that has this power but is can only teleport around two miles away.

Teleportation (self)–Nightcrawler (Marvel)

The Wink (Marvel) can teleport short distances via the 5th dimension (Marvel Nemesis – Rise of The Imperfects Official Game Guide).

Teleport (self)-The Wink-Marvel Nemesis - Rise of The Imperfects Official Game Guide

Blink Dog – D&D 3.5 – Monster Manual I


Charismagic – Aspen Universe – Sourcebook #1 (2016)


DhalsimStreet Fighter 2 Turbo


Justice League – Transporter TubeDC Heroes-DC Technical Manual

Lex Luthor (DC) creates Boom Tube with scraps in Salvation Run #7.

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