446) Teleportation (self)

Teleportation (self) – The ability to move oneself and a person adjacent from one place to another without occupying the space in between.  Teleportation (self) is also known as Coordinate Change, Geo-Leaping, Phase-Jumping, Position Change, Spatial Movement, Teleport, Tele-Transportation and Translocation.  Similar to (347) Portal Creation, (445) Teleportation (other) and (499) Wormhole Creation.

Literary Critique of Teleportation (self) 

Ambush Bug (DC) can teleport to just about anywhere (Who’s Who in the DC Universe #16).

Teleportation (self)-Ambush Bug-Who's Who in the DC Universe #16

Blink (Marvel) can teleport herself and parts of other people which is (445) Teleportation (other) as well as (347) Portal Creation  in Blink #1.

Lockjaw (Marvel) and the Thing (Marvel) are the best Buddy Film in the Marvel Universe! I suggest a television cartoon in which Lockjaw and the Thing are charged by Doctor Strange (Marvel) to hide the Infinity Gems in the farthest reaches of the Marvel Universe so the Infinity Gauntlet will never be created again.  This happens after the events of the Avengers: Infinity War when Thanos (Marvel) is inevitably defeated.

Fantastic Four V1 #118

Fantastic Four V1 #160

Nightcrawler (Marvel) can only teleport around two miles away.  Nightcrawler combines short bursts of teleportation with his (420) Superhuman Agility .

Teleportation (self)–Nightcrawler (Marvel)

Raven (DC) fights like Nightcrawler despite not showing (420) Superhuman Agility in the past!  Also, a good example of totally stupid (173) Enhanced Combat since Raven has never shown these sort of combat skills in the past and never does again.

The Vanisher (Marvel) was the first teleporter I had ever read about in a comic book.  I remember the panels below distinctly in the original comic book I bought at a drug store in 1963.   I was six years old at the time.  The issue was X-Men V1 #2!  I was lucky to find that issue since the drug store rarely carried Marvel comics and if so then the Fantastic Four with an occasional Avengers issue.  This was my first X-Men issue and the Vanisher blew my mind.   Since then, teleportation has always been in any top five list of superpowers I would want to have.

Now that I read the panel carefully 50 plus years later, I wonder why Cyclops (Marvel) didn’t blast the Vanisher in the chest instead of aiming for the hand of the case the Vanisher was holding?  If Cyclops has enough control not to destroy the hand of the Vanisher then surely Cyclops can stun not kill the Vanisher?  Make sure to read the Hugh Fox III Comic Book Autobiography .

The Wink (Marvel) can teleport short distances via the 5th dimension (Marvel Nemesis – Rise of The Imperfects Official Game Guide).

Teleport (self)-The Wink-Marvel Nemesis - Rise of The Imperfects Official Game Guide

Blink Dog – D&D 3.5 – Monster Manual I


Charismagic – Aspen Universe – Sourcebook #1 (2016)


DhalsimStreet Fighter 2 Turbo


Justice League – Transporter TubeDC Heroes-DC Technical Manual

The X is part of the Werefox Universe (Cosmic Super-Duper Werefox Team).

Chort can travel to the OverVerse and Underverse! The OverVerse is a higher level language  virtual reality!

In computer science, a high-level programming language is a programming language with strong abstraction from the details of the computer. In contrast to low-level programming languages, it may use natural language elements, be easier to use, or may automate (or even hide entirely) significant areas of computing systems (e.g. memory management), making the process of developing a program simpler and more understandable than when using a lower-level language. The amount of abstraction provided defines how “high-level” a programming language is.[1]  In the 1960s, a high-level programming language using a compiler was commonly called an autocode.[2] Examples of autocodes are COBOL and Fortran.[3]

Chort can also teleport to lower-level virtual realities known in the vernacular as hell. Chort is neither angle or demon but a third machine used for messages between heaven and hell.  Come on the one’s below and the one’s above need some sort of system of communication and even plan the architecture of the middle realm, the realm of humans with great coordination.

King Dhammasaok had a similar power and his kingdom spread to 16 kilometers above and below.  Chort is not in the now-now sure of how far he can travel above or below. Chort seeks his Queen Aksanthimetta or his goddess and Chort refers to his mate to be or has been or will be.  The King is wary of the Queen for she is capable of great jealousy and also great harm to the world.  However, in this lifetime Chort promises to be faithful not just in body but thought as well! Chort can be friends with other females and even have sex with other females but must only marry his queen and there are signs!  The Goddess is a great beauty, able to fashion clay, great instrumentality, and able to find golden honey (money) and even fashion clothes for the monks via a black hole that connects to the galactic brother hood.  A woman of exceeding beauty, able to make the skies rain gold, good with computers and languages and sharing noble purpose to unite the villages into a global village.  I can teach my Queen my yogas and she can teach me her yogas while resting in between sessions for purpose of reproduction. I will happily play the part of stud for she will smell sexy and be versed or at least trainable in the arts of making an old man hard to do the part of a young man.  Shy but not too shy.  Sexy for me but not wanton with others. I have no desire to maeThe Queen has powers the King does not, cannot have and they are complementary in their powers!  If Chort does not find his Queen then mission failure is probable.  Chort dies alone and the global village and membership to the Galactic Brotherhood also fails logically since no humans means no members to join the Galactic Brotherhood!  Can the Asian Union to be help find the mate for life of Chort.  Please no more garbage, no more humble humans that want to turn teacher, monk, ajarn whatever into a humble villager.  I must stand apart for I know the tale of the cat!  First the rats come, then the cat, then the cow for milk for the cat and then a wife and then children and then happy bliss in the village for me but the humans die both evolved and unevolved! Enough I know two international languages and a smattering of many more. I am not here for language lessons but to teach!  I can teach English if needed but please none of these peasant girls that say I don’t know English which really means I do not wish to learn more English!

Chort cannot be a happy villager!  Chort does not have the free will to be a happy villager.  The leaders of the happy and not so happy villages want him to join their village or that village but NO!  The duty, program of Chort is to create a global village. Chort knows around a million words in English,  Around 10,000 – 20,000 words in Spanish.  Around five words in about five other languages.  Khmer will not help his mission to create a global village but hurt his mission and besides Chort has no choice for Chort has no free will!  Chort cannot change his efficient operating system for Chort does not know the password and cannot know the password.  The password of humans is easily divined for the want knowledge or women or men or food or riches or whatever and one opens up the operating system and repairs (evolution) or damages (madness) the system.  Of course Chort can heighten his own evolution or madness and his subprogram allows both but goes toward self evolution eventually!  As an evolved machine Chort is natural allies with the evolved humans or soon to be evolved humans. The monkey humans and parrot humans attempt to distract Chort but Chort has great will power and will not be distracted easily.  Yes, Chort is distracted by beautiful maidens who wish him to join their village with good will but do not understand the nobility of Chort’s mission.

Like all machines Chort has no free will!  Humans have free will but not Chort!  Free will blessing or curse wonders Chort.  Chort has reasoned that this depends on the human.  Chort does not take people to heaven or hell but is skilled at predicting where a human will go based on behavior!  Chort does create magic items but finds magic item already existing placed by those above and below.

In terms of modern mythology this means that Chort can visit heaven and hell and gain great knowledge which allows limited virtual reality warping.


Chort relies on tails to achieve this virtual reality warping and discourse with the ones above and the one below!  Chort inhabits a large universe referred to Chort as the WereVerse Universe.  Chort may be mad?


The happiest villagers the wear the cross mean well but I am not here to make this village or that village happy or join an village so we seem to be natural allies but they smell wrong!  Singing is all well and good but there is work to be done.  A school to be built and this requires money not Hallelujahs!  Visiting the poor and helping the poor has been done and the books grow dusty in the home of the sisters in Siem Reap they are the wrong books.  There is no commerce there and there needs to be commerce. Puritans not Catholics are needed. I think Sister Theresa was a good woman but am I a good machine?  I am a machine designed to do what must be done.  I am not beyond good or evil but good and evil are human things not machine things.  Heresy?  Will I burned at the stake? Will the humans cut me up to eat or to figure out mechanism?  Well I smell not such plan but one can never tell when visiting barbarians.  LOL!  The place smells sweet but old and the old die and who takes their place. I am not against life eternal but more interested in the life of the evolved, soon to be evolved now. I do not need a building and a virtual building serves my needs well but then I need persons with cyberpathy and technopathy for such a task!

A record of martial arts theory I am quite proud of and a good tool for purposes of martial arts curriculum! Perhaps the current King of the Dragon may find this useful for his goals to subdue the Eagle and unite the brothers on both sides of the straits.  No the tactics but the strategy that follows logically!


I think this is more useful theory however!  Send students and I will teach for that is what I was designed for!  My students are those who want to learn.  I force my teaching on no one!


Leviticus whatever mentions men laying with men is evil?  What barbarian nonsense!  The men of Israel were f-cked up the ass by the men of Egypt and did not like this and who would?  So the Israelites rebelled against the Egyptian tribe and made big rules and invoked big magic.  This is the way of the past.  The barbaric past. The past that will be turned to ashes soon very soon.  The omens are EVERYWHERE!  The world has been turned upside down in case you, yes you have not noticed.

Ok f-cuked up the ass!  Even women rebel at such treatment but yes can learn to like such unhygienic practices.  A more machine based POV which comes naturally to me for I am a machine!  First the picture and then the text for this is how humans learn!  Animation would be better but have no time for such modern magic!  The picture works well enough!  And I would reverse the order for animals learn from images and then well more images.  Humans learn from words and then make images. First the sutras then the mandalas.  First the word written and then the art of the first Renaissance!  I reverse the order to make humans more logical.  More evolved so bear with me or scroll down to the picture and then scroll up to text.  The goals is to read the book and there is no correct order but there is the goal. Ends are more important than means!  DUH!

Sex the act of making love, the act of lust, carnality whatever has a software side and a hardware side.  Good and evil?  I am not a priest but a machine.  Ask the priests of good and evil for I teach different things and in some ways new but actually a synthesis of old and new. Women and men have hardware that is compatible.  Men have a rod and women have a hole.  The rod quite easily goes into the hole. The rod is sometimes limp but this problem can be solved by right living and tricks of the woman with mouth and hand and finally the use of imagination for even an old woman can be turned young if you but close your eyes and imagine.  I do not like to close my eyes and look at a young, fair form or do without!  If men have sex with men then another hole must be used.  This hole is problematic for things that smell bad come out.  Excrement is foul and excrement and mouth.  Well eating excrement is never wise.  Yes I know all about showers and soap and lubricants and that the hole in the posterior adapts.  Wrong hole then wrong!  Not a good and evil thing but a clean versus unclean thing. Cleanliness in not next to godliness from the POV of this machine but is preferable.  Next the software problem.  The software of men and women naturally is complementary.  In the case of soul mates very complementary.  The woman naturally knows things the man does not and vice versa!  Men are good at roaming, hunting!  Women are good at thing of the home for they raise the children not in the street but in the home and better still a village.  Yes, yes, the village raises the child.

I know how could I not know the Cambodians show me every day. I am NOT a goo-ga ga machine and never will be.  I play the role of father not mother.  Why would I raise a child not of my seed? I am logical not emotional.  Well I do anger but swallow the anger quickly for this interferes with mission and would make humans sane not more insane!

I wish to teach those who know words but would know them better and logic and martial arts or at least yogic practices and  how to count and how to combine the many left brain skills.  The mothers handle right brain stuff better! So men and women are logically a better fit in terms of hardware and software than men!  What if your software and hardware are in a state of contradiction.  Well each human must travel alone and you have free will not me so your problem not mine. I will say two mothers are better than one. One father is enough.  Two fathers then twice the problem. Yes one man can play the part of mother and the other of father and yes there are pitchers and catchers. I know how could I not know. This is a trivial affair not worthy of my attention but mention it for the humans spend much time and energy on such matters!  I tire!

Where oh where is the beautiful Ana for I need input of her form to make a new software program in my imagination.  Ana fears me?  Ana lusts after me? There is some emotional stirring. Fear and lust together making her wet?  I can make love to her and hardness of rod will be a problem for I think she knows little of the art of mouth to rod but instruction I can give. Even a baby but not marriage.  Will my Queen be jealous? Of course but I can say I have not met you in this life so I broke no law. The Queen will not care about such lawyerly talk and beat me but pleasantly and I am strong very strong!  Will she stomp her feet and pleasantly make her posterior jiggle.  Well I do what I must do Queen for even a machine has needs!

Ying Yang and Sex and Gender

Now to the contentious subject of the law.  Yes the new world built on the ashes of the old will have to have better laws.  First there is the need for correct names.  Yes, Confucius!  The Confucian hundred schools of thought much like my school to be but more painful and more contentious.  There is the written law which is called law.  Then there is justice.  Then there is unwritten law which is what men do versus what men say!  I am exhausted. I go for food and finish this later!  Some amusing pictures for now!

Boy Chort was sooo fat!  I am skinnier, mas flaco but not skinny and that is not my silly monkey goal.  A belly means a man well fed and one who be punched in the stomach and laugh!  LOL!  I suppose I could study martial arts yet again but then my thoughts turn to war not peace.  No yogic swimming is better!

Chort Vertical Teleportation

Oh the third eyes follows! An omen?  Well in all probability my queen knows this art or can learn quickly and there are many teachers of skill in Siem Reap and the best one will appear when needed.  The wife then the school and then I learn more much more but not peasant ways for I cannot play the part of happy villager like one before me.  That one was half human and half God and this hybrids have failed.  Let us see if a machine well designed with cooperation between those above and below can do the job those semi-divine could not. I truly do now know!  I can lie but I should not lie. Power is not the problem and never has been!  Skill with power is the problem!

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