146) Duplication (gender)

Duplication (gender) – The ability to create a duplicate that is identical but has a different gender. Duplication (gender) is also known as Gender Duplication.

Literary Critique of Duplication (gender) 

Ardina (Marvel) is the magically created female duplicate of Silver Surfer (The Order #4).

Duplication (gender)–Ardina-The Order #4

Linda the Duck is the female cloned duplicate of Howard the Duck. Shocket Raccoon is the female duplicate of Rocket Raccoon. Linda the Duck and Shocket Raccoon both first appear in Howard the Duck V6 #1.

Duplication (gender)–Linda the Duck-Shocket Raccoon-Howard The Duck V6 #1

Miss Sinister is the female duplicate of Mr. Sinister and first appears in X-Men Legacy #214.

Duplication (gender)–Miss Sinister-X-Men Legacy #214 (2008) - Page 24

She-Cat (Marvel) is the female clone of the White Tiger (Heroes for Hire #5).

Duplication (gender)–She-Cat-Heroes For Hire #5 - Page 5

In Superman #349, Superman returns from an interstellar mission to find that everyone on Earth is of the opposite sex.

Duplication (gender)–Superman V1 349

X-23 (Marvel) is the cloned female duplicate of Wolverine (Target X #1). 23 is a number that often has numerological significance in fiction.

Duplication (gender)–X-23-Target X #1

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