376) Resurrection (others)

Resurrection (others) – The ability to resurrect other people.  Resurrection (others) is also known as Cheating Death, Reversed Death, Revival, Rising from Death, Rising from Grave and Resurgence.  Similar to (318) Necromancy which is used to raise the dead as zombies.  However, a zombie is not truly alive and generally zombies can’t carry on conversations.

Literary Critique of Resurrection (others) 

Dream (Vertigo) resurrects Abel (Vertigo) in, the story line, The Wake.

Ressurection (others)-Abel-The Sandman-The Wake V10 (Vertigo)

Doctor Doom (Marvel) could resurrect humans when he had the power of the Beyonder (Marvel) in Secret Wars I #11.

Resurrection (others)–Doctor Doom-Secret Wars I #11 (Marvel)

Emperor Joker (DC) resurrected and killed Lex Luthor (DC) over and over again for fun (Superman V1 #161).

Resurrection (others)-Emperor Joker-Superman V1 #161

The Swamp Thing resurrects his daughter Tefé that he had killed in a fit of madness in Swamp Thing V4 #6.

Resurrection (others)-Swamp Thing V4 #6-3 Resurrection (others)-Swamp Thing V4 #6-4 Resurrection (others)-Swamp Thing V4 #6-5

In Unknown Worlds #50 (ACG), Abraham Lincoln is seemingly resurrected but it’s actually a hoax!

Resurrection (others)-Unknown Worlds #50 (ACG)

Warlock (Marvel) used his Soul Gem to resurrect a girl in Warlock V1 #1.

Resurrection (others)–Warlock V1 #1

Cypher (Marvel) is resurrected via the Transmode Virus by Selene and Eli Bard in X-Necrosha #1.

Resurrection (others)-Cypher-X-Necrosha #1-27 Resurrection (others)-Cypher-X-Necrosha #1-28 Resurrection (others)-Cypher-X-Necrosha #1-29 Resurrection (others)-Cypher-X-Necrosha #1-30

Hansel (Vertigo), as in Hansel and Gretel, is resurrected by Feathertop (Vertigo) in Everafter #2 which is a follow up to Fables (Vertigo).

resurrection-others-everafter-2-vertigo-15 resurrection-others-everafter-2-vertigo-16

Richard III is resurrected Knight and Squire #3 (DC).

resurrection-others-richard-iii-knight-and-squire-3-2011-5 resurrection-others-richard-iii-knight-and-squire-3-2011-6

Chief (DC) resurrects a bunny with a ray in Doom Patrol V1 #88.

In the film Pet Sematary (1989) the dead do not seem like zombies.  The raised can talk and retain their former intelligence but they hate the living.  Are the raised dead in this film resurrected?  I think so.

Jesus – The Raising of Lazarus

Spock (Star Trek) is resurrected by the Genesis Device in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.

Rasputin #1 (Image)

Thulsa Doom is resurrected by his minions in Savage Avengers #2 (Marvel).

376) Resurrection (others)-Thulsa Doom is resurrected by his minions in Savage Avengers #2 (Marvel)

Alfred resurrected in Injustice 2 #14 (DC).

376) Resurrection (others)-Alfred ressurected in Injustice 2 #14 (DC) - Page 22

Alfred’s resurrection does not go well since he was underground a long time in Injustice 2 #15 (DC).

The Casket of Ancient Winters is used to resurrect a storm giant in What If… Miles Morales #4 (2022).

376) Resurrection (others)-Casket of Ancient Winters-What If... Miles Morales #4 (2022) - Page 16

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