376) Resurrection (others)

Resurrection (others) – The ability to resurrect other people.

Dream (Vertigo) resurrects Abel (Vertigo) in, the story line, The Wake.

Ressurection (others)-Abel-The Sandman-The Wake V10 (Vertigo)

Dead Girl (Marvel) can temporarily resurrect the dead.

Resurrection (others)–Dead Girl (Marvel)

Doctor Doom (Marvel) could resurrect humans when he had the power of the Beyonder in Secret Wars I #11.

Resurrection (others)–Doctor Doom-Secret Wars I #11 (Marvel)

Emperor Joker resurrected and killed Luthor over and over again for fun (Superman V1 #161).

Resurrection (others)-Emperor Joker-Superman V1 #161

The Swamp Thing resurrects his daughter Tefé that he had killed in a fit of madness in Swamp Thing V4 #6.

Resurrection (others)-Swamp Thing V4 #6-3 Resurrection (others)-Swamp Thing V4 #6-4 Resurrection (others)-Swamp Thing V4 #6-5

In Unknown Worlds #50 (ACG), Abraham Lincoln is seemingly resurrected but it’s actually a hoax!

Resurrection (others)-Unknown Worlds #50 (ACG)

Warlock (Marvel) used his Soul Gem to resurrect a girl in Warlock V1 #1.

Resurrection (others)–Warlock V1 #1

Cypher is resurrected via the Transmode Virus by Selene and Eli Bard in X-Necrosha #1.

Resurrection (others)-Cypher-X-Necrosha #1-27 Resurrection (others)-Cypher-X-Necrosha #1-28 Resurrection (others)-Cypher-X-Necrosha #1-29 Resurrection (others)-Cypher-X-Necrosha #1-30

Hansel (Vertigo), as in Hansel and Gretel, is resurrected by Feathertop (Vertigo) in Everafter #2 which is a follow up to Fables (Vertigo).

resurrection-others-everafter-2-vertigo-15 resurrection-others-everafter-2-vertigo-16

Richard III is resurrected Knight and Squire #3 (DC).

resurrection-others-richard-iii-knight-and-squire-3-2011-5 resurrection-others-richard-iii-knight-and-squire-3-2011-6

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