054) Astral Traveling

Astral Traveling – The ability to travel in one’s astral form.

Doctor Strange (Marvel) is an example of a character with this ability.

Astral Traveling-Dr. Strange (Marvel)

H’el (DC) is a Kryptonian construct that apparently has the ability to astral travel (Supergirl V6 #15).


Magneto (Marvel) and Professor X (Marvel) engaged in astral travel in the Silver Age but tended to walk around rather than fly like Doctor Strange and for some reason I found this more impressive as a youth (Uncanny X-Men V1 #6).

astral-traveling-uncanny-x-men-v1-6-6 astral-traveling-uncanny-x-men-v1-6-7 astral-traveling-uncanny-x-men-v1-6-8

Astral Traveling Trading Card

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