054) Astral Traveling

Astral Traveling – The ability to travel in one’s astral form.  Astral Traveling is also known as Astral Projection, Astral Transport, Descensum, Out of Body Travel, and Spirit Walk.

Literary Critique of

Doctor Strange (Marvel) is an example of a character with this ability.

Astral Traveling-Dr. Strange (Marvel)

H’el (DC) is a Kryptonian construct that apparently has the ability to astral travel (Supergirl V6 #15).


Magneto (Marvel) and Professor X (Marvel) engaged in astral travel in the Silver Age but tended to walk around rather than fly like Doctor Strange and for some reason I found this more impressive as a youth (Uncanny X-Men V1 #6).

astral-traveling-uncanny-x-men-v1-6-6 astral-traveling-uncanny-x-men-v1-6-7 astral-traveling-uncanny-x-men-v1-6-8

Astral Traveling Trading Card

Luke Kirby – “Journal of Luke Kirby” – 2000 AD #850

Mother Earth2000 AD #871

Revere – “Finders Edge” – 2000 AD #745

Tyranny Rex – “Deus Ex Machine”- 2000 AD #853

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