447) Third Eye

Third Eye – The character has a third eye that can be used for different superhuman effects.

Literary Critique of Third Eye 

Ankhi (Marvel) has a third eye that can cause (388) Sensory Deprivation in Muties #5.

Despero (DC) can use his third eye for mind control, illusions, telekinesis, and telepathy in DC Who’s Who V1 #6.

Superman (DC) develops a third eye due to Red Kryptonite in Action Comic V1 #275.


Lobsang Rampa claimed that a hole drilled in his forehead awakened the psychic powers of his third eye.

Judge Dredd – “Darkside” – 2000 AD #1020

Mazeworld – “The Dark Man” – 2000 AD #1110

SilurianThird Doctor Sourcebook

Sláine – “Demon Killer” – 2000 AD #855

Yu Yu Hakusho Hiei

Third Eye Exercise-Adept Initiates

Ajna – Third Eye Chakra

Eye of Horus Influence

Thalamus – Eye of Horus

Trading Card

Dark Rocket

Disciple of the Third Eye

Goddess of the Third Eye

Psychic’s Third Eye

The Third Eye

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