067) Biological Manipulation (self)

Biological Manipulation (self) – This is the ability to control one’s own biological make-up.  Biological Manipulation (self) is also known as Anatomy Manipulation, Body Manipulation, Corporikinesis and Self-Manipulation.

Literary Critique of Biological Manipulation (self) 

The DC universe has had some really interesting examples of self-inflicted biological manipulation.  Krypto (DC) turned into a female collie due to red kryptonite (Superboy V1 #101). Krypto was thinking about a female collie at the time so Krypto did have some control over his transformation. How he/she has puppies without sex is not explained in typical Silver Age manner.

Biological Manipulation (self)–Krypto becomes female collie - Superboy V1 #101-1 Biological Manipulation (self)–Krypto becomes female collie - Superboy V1 #101-25

Lois Lane (DC) becomes a black woman using technology in Superman’s Girl Friend V1 #106!

Biological Manipulation (self)–Lois Lane becomes black woman - Superman's Girl Friend #106

Jimmy Olsen (DC) gets muscles in Superman’s Pal #73


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