207) Heat Manipulation

Heat Manipulation – The ability to create heat but not necessarily flame constructs as is the case with fire manipulation. Heat Manipulation is also known as Calokinesis, Heat Control, Hot Manipulation, Thermokinesis (Charmed) and Zestokinesis.  (207.1) Heat Vision is a specialized version of heat manipulation.

Literary Critique of Heat Manipulation 

Heat Wave (DC) is a supervillain that has this power (Who’s Who in the DC Universe #13).

Heat Manipulation-Heat Wave-Who's Who in the DC Universe #13

Sun Boy (DC) is a superhero that has this power.

Heat manipulation–Sun Boy (DC)

Sunburst (Wildstorm) is like a human living sun (Stormwatch Sourcebook).

Heat Manipulation-Sunburst-Stormwatch Sourcebook

Thermal can control heat energy in the Wildstorm universe (Brigade Sourcebook #1).

Heat Manipulation–Thermal-Brigade Sourcebook #1

Hot Dog (DC) is a member of the Space Canine Patrol Agents and can heat his body.

Ashcloud – Creature Collection III. Savage Bestiary


Firedrake – Creature Collection I


HeatwaveCyberforce Sourcebook #1


SunburstDC Who’s Who #22 (1986)


Thulkan – Creature Collection II. Dark Menagerie


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