265) Magma Mimicry

Magma Mimicry – The being has a body composed of magma.  Magma Mimicry is also known as Lava Form, Lava Physiology, Magma Form and Magma Physiology.

Literary Critique of Magma Mimicry 

Magmaniac (Image) is a supervillain composed of magma (The Official Handbook of the Invincible Universe #2).

Magma Mimicry-Magmaniac-The Official Handbook of the Invincible Universe #2

Lava Lords – Savage Dragon


Magma Beast – D&D 4th Edition – Monster Manual 1


Molten Man-Thing (Marvel) – Tales of Suspense V1 #7


Volcano Man (DC) – Challengers of the Unknown V1 #27


Vescuvius (Image) – Secret Identities #1

Magman people in Invincible – Three’s Company V7 (Image).

265) Magma Mimicry-Invincible - Three's Company V7 (2006) - Page 122

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