170) Energy Constructs

Energy Constructs – The ability to create complex shapes (such as giant boxing gloves or cages) or even functional machinery (such as fire extinguishers or laser rifles) out of solid energy.   Energy Constructs are also known as Ergokinetic Constructs, Energy Craftsmanship and Energy Weapon Creation.

Literary Critique of Energy Constructs 

Cerise (Marvel) has made herself a shield and axe out of energy below.

Energy Constructs-Cerise (Marvel)

Jade (DC) does not need a power ring to create constructs unlike the Green Lanterns.

Energy Constructs-Jade (DC)

In Cryptocracy #1 (Dark Horse), an energy construct technology is explained.

Energy Constructs-Cryptocracy #1 (Dark Horse)-18 Energy Constructs-Cryptocracy #1 (Dark Horse)-19

Cyblade (Wildstorm) – Cyberforce-Sourcebook #1


John Dusk (Avatar) – Absolution #0


Lamp Champ – Archie’s Madhouse #43 (1965)


Gold Key (Monkeybrain) –Edison Rex #13

Amy Noble (Image) – Noble Causes #36

Thomas Zhou (Image) – Weapon #1

Union (Image) has a staff made of energy (Wildstorm Universe Sourcebook #1).

Mara looks like a snake but is a psychic energy construct in Fifth Doctor Sourcebook.

Absolution (Avatar Press) introduces John Dusk a superhero suffering from PTSD that uses his energy construct power to kill.

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