372) Regeneration

Regeneration – Regeneration is the ability to survive major injuries that accelerated healing would not be able to handle.  Some gods and the Eternals (Marvel) have the power of regeneration and can only be destroyed if a significant number of their molecules are dispersed.  Regeneration means the character is near immortal not just resistant to injury.

Adam Warlock (Marvel) has something similar to Doctor Who’s regeneration and forms a cocoon to recover from fatal wounds and undergoes a metamorphosis (Hulk V1 #178).

Regeneration–Warlock-Hulk V1 #178-3 Regeneration–Warlock-Hulk V1 #178-28 Regeneration–Warlock-Hulk V1 #178-32

Doctor Who has his own specific form of regeneration that involves the Doctor assuming a new body and new personality. Titan Comics has a Vinyl Figures Regeneration Collection.

Regeneration-Doctor Who-Titans Vinyl Figures Regeneration Collection

Wolverine regenerates when he is given a power boost from a magical alien gem (Uncanny X-Men Annual #11).

Regeneration–Wolverine-Uncanny X-Men Annual #11 (Marvel)

The Shaggy Man (DC) is blown to bits but regenerates anyway in Justice League of America V1 #45. The secret to the Shaggy Man’s regeneration is salamander DNA!

Regeneration-Shaggy Man-Justice League of America V1 #45 (1966)

Micah Hardiaken, Jr. (Marvel) finds out the regeneration can be a curse in Hyperion #6.

regeneration-micah-hardiaken-jr-hyperion-6-2016-17 regeneration-micah-hardiaken-jr-hyperion-6-2016-20 regeneration-micah-hardiaken-jr-hyperion-6-2016-21

Kostiy the Deathless (Valiant) has a horrible cycle of regeneration in Divinity III – Aric #1.

regeneration-divinity-iii-aric-1-valiant-25 regeneration-divinity-iii-aric-1-valiant-29

Some more hard-core regeneration from Valiant in Divinity III: Stalinverse #4 by the cosmonaut Abram Adams aka Divinity.

8 Fantastic Regenerating Animals – Infographic

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