309) Mirror Manipulation

Mirror Manipulation – The ability to use mirrors to achieve various effects.

The Mirror Master (DC) is the top mirror manipulator in comic books (DC Who’s Who V1 #15).

Mirror Manipulation–Mirror Master-DC Who's Who V1 #15

Doctor Strange (Marvel) is trapped in a mirror by the Salem Seven (Marvel) in Marvel Knights 4 #27.

Mirror Manipulation-Dr. Strange-Marvel Knights 4 #27

There was a lot of one shot mirror manipulation in the Silver Age including Action Comics V1 #269 (DC), Forbidden Worlds #109 (ACG), Forbidden Worlds #52 (ACG), Forbidden Worlds #99 (ACG), Mystery Tales #25 (Atlas), The Many Ghosts of Doctor Graves #6 (Charlton) and The Twilight Zone #90 (Gold Key).

Mirror Manipulation-OS-Action Comics V1 #269 Mirror Manipulation-OS-Forbidden Worlds #52 (ACG) Mirror Manipulation-OS-Forbidden Worlds #99 (ACG) Mirror Manipulation-OS-Forbidden Worlds #109 (ACG) Mirror Manipulation-OS-Mystery Tales #25 Mirror Manipulation-OS-The Many Ghosts of Doctor Graves #6 (Charlton) Mirror Manipulation-OS-The Twilight Zone #90 (Gold Key)

Dewoz (Marvel) can use mirrors as transport in Young Inhumans.

mirror-manipulation-dewoz-young-inhumans-2008-1 mirror-manipulation-dewoz-young-inhumans-2008-2

A man is trapped in a mirror in Tales of Suspense V1 #38.


Trading Card Games use a great deal of mirror manipulation.

House of Mirrors

Mirror Force

Mirror Image

Mirror Images

Mirror Magic

Mirror Mirror

Mirror Walk

The Shattered Mirror

Ghost Trap Mirror – Sandman Presents-Thessaly-Witch for Hire #1

Jonni FutureTom Strong’s Terrific Tales #12 (America’s Best Comics)

Mirror Man (DC) – Detective Comics #213


Mirror Master – Mirror – DC Heroes-DC Technical Manual

Slaine – “The Treasures of Britain” – 2000 AD #1025

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