426) Superhuman Senses (taste)

Superhuman Senses (taste) – The person has enhanced taste.  Superhuman Senses (taste) is also known as Enhanced Taste, Gustatory Enhancement, Perfect Taste and Supertaster.

Literary Critique of Superhuman Senses (taste)

Obviously enhanced taste does not get used much in a fight but there is the comic book Chew (Image) that must be mentioned although the parody powers are more food than taste related.  The protagonist is cibopathic and below is a description of this very interesting superpower.

Superhuman Senses (taste)–Chew (Image)

Below is a list of other taste/food related superpowers in Chew.

Bromaformutare – Able to take on the form of whatever he’s last eaten.

Cibocelerent – Able to cook fast.

Ciboinvalescor – Able to become stronger the more he eats. Dominic Partridge is a Ciboinvalescor.

Cibolinguist – Able to speak the language of whatever nationality of dish they were cooking.

Cibolocutor – A Cibolocutor is able to communicate through food, and can also translate written works like plays, poems and operas into their food. Fantanyeros is a Cibolocutor.

Cibopath – A Cibopath can take a bite from anything and get a psychic sensation of what has happened to that object. The only thing it does not work on is beets. Tony Chu, Olive Chu, Mason Savoy, and The Vampire are Cibopaths. During the ‘Major League Chew’ arc, it is revealed that Tony, and possibly all Cibopaths, can absorb the abilities of who he eats. The Vampire and Olive Chu are also capable of absorbing abilities.

Cibovoyant – A Cibovoyant can see the future of any living thing that he or she eats. This power does not work on the dead or on inanimate objects. So far, Toni Chu is the only Cibovoyant at this point, and uses this power to see the future of potential lovers as well as her injured brother.

Cipropanthropatic – Able to see the memories of anyone nearby eating the same thing. Sage Chu, Toni’s sister, has this power.

Coquerafthartos – A Coquerafthartos is granted an extraordinarily long life after cooking a single special dish. Jeremiah Cumberland was a Coquerafthartos for close to 600 years before he was collected by The Vampire.

Effervenductor – An Effervenductor has the capability of creating mind-controlling messages in foams. The Barista is an Effervenductor.

Eroscibopictaros – A literal food pornographer. Able to take pictures of food that “inspire erotic feelings in the viewer”. Ken Keebler is an eroscibopictaros.

Hortamagnatroph – A hortamagnatroph has skills in the garden which allow them to grow fruits and vegetables of enormous sizes.

Lagamousikian – Able to string guitars with pasta noodles.

Lubodeipnosophistes – Able to seduce anyone they dine with.

Mixosecerner – Able to create drinks that compel you to tell secrets.

Mnemcibarian – Able to create meals you could never forget.

Mnemocoquus – Able to cook memories into their dishes.

Molluhomicuquus – Able to cook poisonous clam chowder. Marsala Kaczorowski is a molluhomicuquus.

Pederexplodier – Able to produce explosive flatulence. Brann Jerwar is a Pederexplodier.

Peter Pilaf’s power – This so far unnamed power lets the user control people through food. Peter Pilaf has this power.

Punicacuratio – Able to eat pomegranates and experience a preternatural restorative effect alongside some other assorted anomalous benefits.

Sabopictor – A Sabopictor is able to paint a picture that tastes deliciously what it looks like. Quindim Buongiovanni is one of three living Sabopictors, though he is last seen being attacked and likely killed by The Vampire.

Saboscrivner – A Saboscrivner can write about food so accurately that people get the sensation of taste when they read about the food. Amelia Mintz is a Saboscrivner.

Special Agent Vorhees’s power – Seen through the series eating and mumbling, Special Agent Vorhees appears to have the ability to taste and identify every ingredient in whatever he’s eating. At this point, this power has not been formally introduced. Also, he may be immune to the powers of the other characters, as The Barista’s foam message had no effect on him (Though Caesar claims this is because Vorhees is illiterate).

Tortaespadero – Able to cut tortillas into sharp objects.

Victuspeciosian – Able to craft a unique preparation out of food to make facial beauty masks that yield amazing transformational (although temporary) results. Judy Heinz-Campbell of Judy’s Beauties Beauty Salon & Boutique is a victuspeciosian.

Viresarantheacist – Able to get stronger by eating spinach. The featured Viresarantheacist is unnamed but is referred to as a “sailor man,” a reference to Popeye.

Voresoph – A Voresoph becomes smarter the more he eats. Daniel Migdalo is a Voresoph.

Xocoscalpere – A Xocoscalpere has the ability to sculpt chocolate—and only chocolate– ‘with such accuracy and verisimilitude’ that it can mimic its real-life counterpart exactly. Hershel Brown was a xocoscalpere, having created many chocolate weapon sculptures with all the deadly capability of the original. Olive Chu, having eaten part of Hershel Brown, has acquired the ability of xocoscalpery.

A version of the Last Supper in Chew #15

Gwen (Vertigo) can taste memories in iZOMBIE #7.

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