405) Sound Manipulation (voice)

Sound Manipulation (voice) – The ability of a being to use their voice for various effects. Mind control using one’s voice is listed under “mind control (voice)”.

In The Sandman Special-The Song of Orpheus #1, Orpheus, a character in the Sandman (Vertigo) series can make the Furies cry.

Sound Manipulation (voice)-Orpheus-The Sandman Special-The Song of Orpheus #1

In The Sandman-Fables and Reflections V6, Orpheus can also make the heads of the dead sing along with his song.

Sound Manipulation (voice)-Orpheus-The Sandman-Fables and Reflections V6 (2011)

In the Silver Age, Superman had the power of super-ventriloquism. In Action Comics V1 #276 Superman uses this power to give directions to Supergirl.

Sound Manipulation (voice)-Super-Ventriloquism-Action Comics #276 (1961)

Diva (Wildfire) can project violent sonic vibrations with her voice (Stormwatch Sourcebook).

Sound Manipulation (voice)-Diva-Stormwatch Sourcebook

Mister Mxyzptlk (DC) is tricked into using his voice telepathically in Superman V1 #169.


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