405) Sound Manipulation (voice)

Sound Manipulation (voice) – The ability of a being to use their voice for various effects other than mind control.  Sound Manipulation (voice) is also known as Voice Manipulation.  Mind control using one’s voice is listed under (305) Mind Control (voice).  Similar powers are (402) Sound Manipulation, (404) Sound Manipulation (scream),  and (403) Sound Manipulation (music).

Literary Critique of Sound Manipulation (voice)

In The Sandman Special-The Song of Orpheus #1, Orpheus, a character in the Sandman (Vertigo) series, can make the Furies cry.

Sound Manipulation (voice)-Orpheus-The Sandman Special-The Song of Orpheus #1

In The Sandman-Fables and Reflections V6, Orpheus can also make the heads of the dead sing along with his song.

Sound Manipulation (voice)-Orpheus-The Sandman-Fables and Reflections V6 (2011)

In the Silver Age, Superman (DC) had the power of super-ventriloquism. In Action Comics V1 #276 Superman uses this power to give directions to Supergirl (DC).

Sound Manipulation (voice)-Super-Ventriloquism-Action Comics #276 (1961)

Real Life Ventriloquism

Diva (Wildfire) can project violent sonic vibrations with her voice (Stormwatch Sourcebook).

Sound Manipulation (voice)-Diva-Stormwatch Sourcebook

Mister Mxyzptlk (DC) is tricked into using his voice telepathically in Superman V1 #169.


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