184) Flat Body (other)

Flat Body (other) – The ability to give others a flat body i.e. more two-dimensional.  Flat Body (other/self) is also known as 2D Form, 2D Mimicry, 2D Physiology, Pancake Flatness, Self-Compression and Two-Dimensional Form.

Literary Critique of Flat Body (other) 

The Rainbow Creature (DC) gave Batman and Robin a flat body in Batman V1 #134.

Flat Body (other)-Rainbow Creature-Batman V1 #134

A mad scientist gave the Atom (DC) a flat body in The Atom V1 #16 using an iron!

 Flat Body (other)-The Atom V1 #16

Tales of Suspense V1 #23


Tales to Astonish V1 #1


Tales to Astonish V1 #35


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