047) Armor (magical)

Armor (magical) – The ability to generate armor magically that has magical properties.   Armor (magical) is also known as Enchanted Armor, Enchanted Exoskeleton, Magic Exoskeleton and Magical Armor. A subcategory of (350) Power Bestowal (objects).

Literary Critique of Armor (magical) 

Magic armor is much, much rarer than mere armor made of matter!  Doctor Doom (Marvel) has had many suits of armor made from metal but only one mystical armor made with a blood magic as shown in Fantastic Four #67 (2003).

Doctor Doom (Marvel) adds magic to his armor with a shard of Excalibur in Iron Man – Legacy of Doom #2.

In New Mutants V1 #65, Magik (Marvel) has eldritch armor that has the curse of binding her to limbo, not a very nice place, the more she uses the armor.

Armor (magical)–Eldritch armor-New Mutants V1 #65

The Destroyer (Marvel) armor in Marvel Fact Files #49 (Eaglemoss).

Iron Man (Marvel) makes a magic version his Uru Armor in that is similar to the Destroyer’s in the Fear Itself crossover.

Iron Man (Marvel) has his armor become magical with a shard of Excalibur in Iron Man – Legacy of Doom #3.

Howard Stark (Marvel) seemingly uses magic armor to fight his son Tony Stark in Iron Man – Legacy of Doom #2.

The Brass Bishop (Marvel) uses magic armor to protect his soul from being appropriated by Mephisto (Marvel) in Alpha Flight V2 #15.

Hessia (DC) uses magical armor in Superman-Wonder Woman #9.

The Armor of the Ventadari allows the wearer to resist magic (Dragon Magazine Annual 1).

Armor (magical)-Armor of the Ventadari-Dragon Magazine Annual 1

Dragon Slayer – TSR 2158 Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume 2


Demon Armor Trading Card

Axiom can use Dire Wraith eldritch magic with his armor in Hasbro Heroes Sourcebook #1 (IDW).

Mother Earth2000 AD #867

Magical scorpion themed armor in Grimm Fairy Tales V2 #60 (2022).

047) Armor (magical)-Grimm Fairy Tales V2 #60 (2022)

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