460) Transmutation (organic)

Transmutation (organic) – The ability to turn an inorganic object or material into organic material.  The ability to turn organic matter into inorganic matter.  Transmutation (organic) is also known as Organic Transmutation.  Similar to 454) Transmutation (animal), 455) Transmutation (elemental), 456) Transmutation (gold), 457) Transmutation (insect), 458) Transmutation (limited), 459) Transmutation (object) and, 461) Transmutation (petrification).

Literary Critique of Transmutation (organic) 

Molecule Man (Marvel) in his first appearance could affect all inorganic matter but not organic matter (Fantastic Four V1 #20).

Majin Buu has this power.

Genii (Marvel) is one of the Young Gods (Marvel) and transmutation is one of his powers in Spectacular Spider-Man Annual V1 #8.

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