256) Liquefy (others)

Liquefy (others) – The ability to turn others and/or objects into a liquid.  Liquefy (others) is also known as De-Solidification, Liquification, Liquification Inducement, Matter Liquification and Melting.

Literary Critique of Liquefy (others) 

Melter (Marvel) liquefies objects with a ray gun by loosening the molecular bonds of the substance and turning the substance from a solid into a liquid. The Melter is not using heat to melt Iron Man in Tales of Suspense #47. I guess the name the Liquefier didn’t sound as sinister.

Liquefy (others)–Melter-Tales of Suspense #47

A one-shot about liquefaction in Uncanny Tales #2 (Atlas Comics).

Liquefy (others)-Uncanny Tales #2 (Atlas)

Holly Denton (Wildstorm) can liquefy others and belongs to Gen¹³.


Madame Dragonfly liquefies Earl Trueheart in Black Hammer #10 (Dark Horse).

Judge Dredd – “You’ve Been Fingered!” – 2000 AD #1097

Rogue Trooper (Friday) – “The Golden Fox Rebellion”- 2000 AD #713

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