402) Sound Manipulation

Sound Manipulation – The ability to manipulate sound.  Sound Manipulation is also known as Acoustokinesis, Audio Manipulation, Audiokinesis, Echokinesis, Sonic Wave Manipulation, Sonokinesis, Sound Control, Sound Energy Manipulation, Sound Wave Manipulation and Soundbending.  Subcategories of this power are (403) Sound Manipulation (music)(404) Sound Manipulation (scream),  (405) Sound Manipulation (voice).

Literary Critique of Sound Manipulation 

Klaw (Marvel) can manipulate sound with his sonic emitter.

Sound manipulation–Klaw (Marvel)

General Thunderbolt Ross (Marvel) uses the Mark 12-Sonic Depressor in the Incredible Hulk V1 #147.

Superman (DC) uses sonic technology against Doomsday (DC) in Hunter Prey #3.

Chelicera – D&D 3.5-Monster Manual III


Guile can create a sonic boom (Street Fighter 2 Turbo).


Iron Man uses a sonic attack surgically on Cannonball (Marvel) in X-Men Legacy V2 #267.

Yrthak can focus sonic energy into a sonic lance (D&D 3.5 – Monster Manual I).


Rogue Trooper Friday (2000AD) uses sonic darts in “Apocalypse Dreadnought” – 2000 AD #782.

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