369) Rainbow Manipulation

Rainbow Manipulation – The ability to manipulate rainbows or rainbow related phenomena including the emotional electromagnetic spectrum.  Rainbow Manipulation is also known as Rainbow Light Control.

Literary Critique of Rainbow Manipulation 

Iris, Goddess of Rainbows – Genzoman

Rainbow Boy (Dynamite) – Project Superpowers-Hero Killers #3 (2017)

Rainbow Girl (DC) – Action Comics #862 (2008)

Rainbow Raider (DC) – Who’s Who in the DC Universe #11

“I Was a Prisioner of the Rainbow People” – My Greatest Adventure #25

Rainbow Raider (DC) –Superboy V1 #84

Superman (DC) runs into a Rainbow Sun in Action Comics #387 (1970).

Dissolver Beam – Superman V1 #234

“The Strange Costumes of Superboy” – Superboy V1 #16

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