359) Prison Manipulation

Prison Manipulation – The prison uses super science and/or magic to make those imprisoned less powerful.

Literary Critique of Prison Manipulation 

More or less the opposite of (249) Lair Manipulation.  Lairs are buildings that empower.  Prison are buildings that depower.  Other lists that implicitly use an in-universe point of view do not generally treat prisons as a superpower. However, a prison is clearly a plot device that gives the character additional superhuman capability in many cases. As stated in the (0) Introduction this list will ultimately analyze superpowers from both an in-universe POV and plot device POV. However, even in-universe POV sites include armor such as Iron Man’s armor on their list so why not a lair? Both armor and prisons are ultimately infrastructure that can help the character achieve superhuman feats.  Prison manipulation is similar to (462) Trap Manipulation but as in real life, the binding of the super human is via a building with staff rather than an individual.  A subcategory of (350) Power Bestowal (objects).

DC Prisons

Arkham Asylum is by far the most famous comic book prison and even led to the video game Batman: Arkham Asylum. Below is a screen shot from the video game.

Arkham AsylumDC Who’s Who V1 #1

Basement 101Batman and Robin Penitentiary V1 #7

Belle ReveWho’s Who Update ’87 #1

Blackgate PenitentiaryBatman V1 #18

Code Zoo – Checkmate V2 #17

Dark TowerShadowpact #5

GulagKingdom Come #3

Labyrinth – Who’s Who in the Legion of Super-Heroes #3

Salvation – Salvation Run #1 (2008)

Takron-GaltosWho’s Who in the Legion of Super-Heroes #3

Van Kull Maximum Security FacilityThe Power Company: Bork #1

Marvel Prisons

KylnThanos #7 (2004)

Lang Memorial PenitentiaryShe-Hulk V1 #5

LiddlevilleFantastic Four V1 #236

Negative Zone Prison AlphaCivil War Frontline #5

Pleasant HillAvengers Standoff-Assault on Pleasant Hill Alpha #1

Project PegasusOfficial Handbook of the Marvel Universe V2 #10

The RaftMarvel Fact Files #27 (2013)

VaultOfficial Handbook of the Marvel Universe V2 #14

An alien prison that grabs teenagers seemingly at random in Break Out #2 (Dark Horse).

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