425) Superhuman Senses (smell)

Superhuman Senses (smell) – The person has enhanced smell.

Superman (DC) smells a trick in Lois Lane V1 #39.

Krypto (DC) has a much better sense of smell than Superman and can smell an imposter in Superman V1 #137.

Superman uses Krypto (DC) to track down Poison Ivy in Batman V1 #612.  This is after Superman admits he needs the help of Krypto.

Superhuman Senses (smell)-Krypto sniffs out Poison Ivy-Batman V1 #612

Mr. Fantastic (Marvel) is a genius. He enlarges his olfactory bulbs using his power of elasticity to enhance his sense of smell in Marvel Knights 4 #8.

Superhuman Senses (smell)-Mr. Fantastic-Marvel Knights 4 #8

Daredevil (Marvel) uses his super senses to compensate for being blind.  In Daredevil #32, the reader finds out that superhuman smell has a downside.

Wolverine (Marvel) uses his sense of smell to track enemies and sniff out shape shifters.

Superhuman Senses (smell)-Wolverine sniffing

Dragon Man (Marvel) is used to hunt Spider-Man using his scent by the Wizard in Web of Spider-Man V1 #61.

superhuman-senses-smell-dragon-man-web-of-spider-man-v1-61-7 superhuman-senses-smell-dragon-man-web-of-spider-man-v1-61-10 superhuman-senses-smell-dragon-man-web-of-spider-man-v1-61-11

Fin Fang Foom (Marvel) finds a baby dragon using scent in Drax V2 #11.


Lobo (DC) can apparently smell crazy in Annual Injustice – Gods among Us #1.


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