425) Superhuman Senses (smell)

Superhuman Senses (smell) – The person has enhanced smell.  Superhuman Senses (smell) is also known as Enhanced Olfaction, Enhanced Smell, Hyper Sense of Smell, Hyper Smell, Hyperosmia, Increased Olfaction, Increased Sense of Smell, Increased Smell, Supernatural Olfaction and Supernatural Smell.

Literary Critique of Superhuman Senses (smell) 

Superman (DC) smells a trick in Lois Lane V1 #39.

Krypto (DC) has a much better sense of smell than Superman and can smell an imposter in Superman V1 #137.

Superman uses Krypto (DC) to track down Poison Ivy in Batman V1 #612.  This is after Superman admits he needs the help of Krypto.

Superhuman Senses (smell)-Krypto sniffs out Poison Ivy-Batman V1 #612

Mr. Fantastic (Marvel) is a genius. He enlarges his olfactory bulbs using his power of elasticity to enhance his sense of smell in Marvel Knights 4 #8.

Superhuman Senses (smell)-Mr. Fantastic-Marvel Knights 4 #8

Daredevil (Marvel) uses his super senses to compensate for being blind.  In Daredevil #32, the reader finds out that superhuman smell has a downside.

Wolverine (Marvel) uses his sense of smell to track enemies and sniff out shape shifters.

Superhuman Senses (smell)-Wolverine sniffing

Dragon Man (Marvel) is used to hunt Spider-Man using his scent by the Wizard in Web of Spider-Man V1 #61.

superhuman-senses-smell-dragon-man-web-of-spider-man-v1-61-7 superhuman-senses-smell-dragon-man-web-of-spider-man-v1-61-10 superhuman-senses-smell-dragon-man-web-of-spider-man-v1-61-11

Fin Fang Foom (Marvel) finds a baby dragon using scent in Drax V2 #11.


Lobo (DC) can apparently smell crazy in Annual Injustice – Gods among Us #1.


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