499) Wormhole Creation

Wormhole Creation – The creation and/or usage of wormholes which is a type of teleportation.  Wormhole Creation is also known as Distance Connection, Einstein–Rosen Bridge and Wormhole Generation.  Similar to (347) Portal Creation.  Wormholes are much larger than portals.  Portals are smaller.  Portals are used to transport a person and/or war band to a location.  Wormholes are used to transport an army, a star ship or even moons in one example in this article.  In the real world a wormhole is an Einstein-Rosen bridge.  Other types of teleportation include (445) Teleportation (other) and (446) Teleportation (self).

Literary Critique of Wormhole Creation 


Is a boom tube a wormhole or a portal?  A Boom tube has been used by Darkseid (DC)  to invade Earth with parademons several times.  Therefore, a boom tube is functionally a wormhole rather than a portal.

Lex Luthor (DC) creates a boom tube with scraps in Salvation Run #7.  Lex Luthor is smart but purely a scientist and not a mystic suggesting the Boom Tube is some sort of Einstein-Rosen bridge.

Jonni Future (DC) – “The Masque of the Moonjacker” – Tom Strong’s Terrific Tales #8


The Shi’ar Empire (Marvel) use a device called Stargates to create wormholes in order to connect their vast interstellar empire in Marvel Fact Files #30 (Eaglemoss).

There is some suggestion that the Yggdrasil (Marvel) is some sort of wormhole system that connects the nine realms!  Perhaps, Yggdrasill is a living wormhole!  Yggdrasill’s branches grow or die depending on the health of the multiverse!  When lightness is ascendant then Yggdrasill is heathy.  When darkness is ascendant then Yggdrasill’s branches wither.

Odin (Marvel) does not commune with Yggdrasill directly but with Mimir at the Well of Mimir at the base of Yggdrasill and sacrifices his eye after being bound to Yggdrasill in order to gain wisdom (Thor V1 #274).

Star Trek

The Mycelial network (Star Trek) has some similarities with Yggdrasill.   Both are living networks that have “roots” that permeate hyper-dimensional space.  Humans can use technology to “commune” with this network and gain spiritual/cosmological insights.  Odin uses the Well of Mimir.  Paul Stamets uses the spore drive and a tardigrade looking alien named Ripper that can communicate with spores.  Ripper is pictured below.

The Paul Stamets of two different universes use this network to communicate below!  The Paul Stamets do not have to sacrifice their eyes for cosmological insight, with botany gone wild, just their health!  I knew a lot of guys in college who made a similar trade, if you count mental health as a type of health!  What would happen if Yimir and Ripper met? Now that’s a question best answered after some fun botanicals!  Personally, I think they would get along just fine!

The Bajoran Wormhole is a major plot device in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

The Stargate movie, and the three TV series and spin offs, revolve around the use of alien wormholes.

Real life Magnetic Wormhole



Star Trek Trading Card Games have several wormhole related cards.

Star Trek-Bajoran Wormhole Mirror Universe

Star Trek-Bajoran Wormhole

Star Trek-Barzan Wormhole

Star Trek-Operate Wormhole Relays

Star Trek-Paxan Wormhole

Star Trek-Temporal Micro Wormhole

Star Trek-Wormhole Navigation Schematic

Star Trek-Wormhole Negotiations

Star Trek-Wormhole

One none Star Trek related card!


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