499) Wormhole Creation

Wormhole Creation – The creation and/or usage of wormholes.

The Shi’ar Empire (Marvel) use a device called Stargates to create wormholes in order to connect their vast interstellar empire in Marvel Fact Files #30 (Eaglemoss).

Star Trek Trading Card Games have several wormhole related cards.

Star Trek-Bajoran Wormhole Mirror Universe

Star Trek-Bajoran Wormhole

Star Trek-Barzan Wormhole

Star Trek-Operate Wormhole Relays

Star Trek-Paxan Wormhole

Star Trek-Temporal Micro Wormhole

Star Trek-Wormhole Navigation Schematic

Star Trek-Wormhole Negotiations

Star Trek-Wormhole

One none Star Trek related card!


Jonni Future – “The Masque of the Moonjacker” – Tom Strong’s Terrific Tales #8 (America’s Best Comics)

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