005) Age Manipulation (others)

Age Manipulation (others) – The ability to age others.  Age Manipulation is also known as Gerontokinesis, and Senescence.  Subareas include the ability to make another person younger, older and/or negate their aging.

Literary Critique of Age Manipulation (others) 

Halflife (Marvel) can make people older.  Halflife is a bad guy!

Age Manipulation (others)-Half Life (Marvel)

Time Master (Marvel) was aging people back in the sixties in Tales to Astonish #63.  Time Master is a bad guy.  Notice a pattern? Aging someone is the sort of thing a bad guys does.  Kind of like (004) Acid Generation!

Age Manipulation (others)-Time Master-Marvel Legacy The's Handbook #1 (1960)

Age Manipulation was a common DC Silver Age plot gimmick.  Batman V1 #119, Flash V1 #157, Jimmy Olsen V1 #66, and Lois Lane V1 #40 have stories about accelerated aging.

Age Manipulation-Older-Batman V1 #119 Age Manipulation-Older-Flash V1 #157 Age Manipulation-Older-Jimmy Olsen V1 #66 Age Manipulation-Older-Lois Lane V1 #40

Superman wins the prize for being made older (Action Comics V1 #251, Action Comics V1 #270, Action Comics V1 #396).

Age Manipulation-Older-Superman-Action Comics V1 #251 Age Manipulation-Older-Superman-Action Comics V1 #270 Age Manipulation-Older-Superman-Action Comics V1 #396 Age Manipulation-Older-Superman-Action Comics V1 #397

Supergirl (DC) is turned into adult due to Red Kryptonite and cannot join the Legion of Superheroes in Action Comics V1 #267.

Age Manipulation-Older-Supergirl-Action Comics #267

The Silver Age also abounded with stories of characters made younger via one plot device or another (Adventure Comics V1 #317, Batman V1 #147, Jimmy Olsen V1 #66, Adventure Comics V1 #356, Lois Lane V1 #10, Action Comics V1 #284).

Age Manipulation-Younger-Adventure Comics V1 #317 Age Manipulation-Younger-Batman V1 #147 Age Manipulation-Younger-Jimmy Olsen V1 #66 Age Manipulation-Younger-Legion of Super-Heroes-Adventure Comics V1 #356 Age Manipulation-Younger-Lois Lane V1 #10 Age Manipulation-Younger-Superman-Action Comics V1 #284

Alpha the Ultimate Mutant (Marvel) is more or less a good guy and makes the Brotherhood of Mutants (Marvel) into babies that will have a second chance in Defenders V1 #16.

Jetta of the 21st Century #7 (Standard) shows the funny side of this superpower.

Professor Enigma (Fantagraphics)  again shows this superpower can be comical in Love and Rockets V4 #3.

Kaine Salinger (DC) is the rare superhero that ages people in  Outcasts #1.

Jimmy Olsen (DC) fools around with an age accelerator in Superman’s Pal #85 with unfortunate results.

Jimmy Olsen (DC) becomes a baby in for comic effect in Superman’s Pal #54.  Jimmy Olsen is supposed to be a funny title although the humor hasn’t aged well.  I remember enjoying Jimmy Olsen as a preteen but cannot enjoy the title to the same degree now.

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