443) Telekinesis

Telekinesis – The ability to manipulate and control objects with the mind, often in ways not visible to the naked eye.  Telekinesis is also known as Mind Power, Mind-Over-Matter, PK, Psychokinesis, Psychokinetic Power and TK.  Often in fiction, if your psychic powers are developed enough then telekinesis manifests itself alongside other powers such as (356) Precognition and (444) Telepathy.  This means there are countless psychic characters that display telekinesis as just one of their powers.  This list will focus on characters that only display telekinesis.

Literary Critique of Telekinesis 

Jean Grey (Marvel) in simpler days used her power to do housework before she became the Dark Phoenix and destroyed planets!  In the Silver Age, Marvel Girl had telekinesis period!

Telekinesis–Jean Grey (Marvel)

Hellion (Marvel) has very strong telekinetic powers.

Jon Lane Kent (DC) has something named “tactile telekinesis” that enables him to mimic most of Superman’s powers (Superboy V6 #29).

The Silver Age, Dell version of Brain Boy uses telekinesis to fly in Brain Boy #3.

The Dark Horse version of Brain Boy is considerably more powerful and dark than the Dell version in Brain Boy#0.


Grace – Aspen Universe – Sourcebook #1


John Lynch (Wildstorm) keeps his telekinetic power a secret and belongs to Gen¹³.


Laurel Darkhaven (Top Cow) can use her telekinesis on very small objects and uses this power for covert assassination in Rising Stars #16.


Despot (Image) – Wildstorm Universe Sourcebook #1

Drama Twins (Image) – Freshmen Yearbook #1

HelSpont (Image) – Wild CATS Sourcebook V1 #1

Xylene (Ben 10)


Fendahleen – Fourth Doctor Sourcebook

Plasmatons – Fifth Doctor Sourcebook

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