145) Duplication (energy)

Duplication (energy) – The ability to create a duplicate that is composed of energy.

Doctor Double X (DC) is a supervillain with this power (DC Who’s Who V1 #6).

Duplication (energy)–Doctor Double X-DC Who's Who V1 #

Negative Man (DC) is a superhero with this power and a member of the Doom Patrol (DC Who’s Who V1 #16).

Duplication (energy)–Negative Man-DC Who's Who V1 #16

House of Mystery V1 #84 was published in 1959 which predates the Doom Patrol Negative Man!

Duplication (energy)-House of Mystery V1 #84-1 Duplication (energy)-House of Mystery V1 #84-2

Dawn Greenwood (Marvel) is unhappy that there is a photonic duplicate of her in Silver Surfer V6 #9.

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