286) Metafictional Transportation

Metafictional Transportation – The ability to travel between fictional places and/or fictional places and real places.

Literary Critique of Metafictional Transportation 

Loony Leo (Astro City) emerges from a cartoon film.

Metafictional Transportation–Loony Leo (Astro City)

The Unwritten (Vertigo) has a character that has made the journey but does not know it.

Metafictional Transportation–The Unwritten #1

Adventures into the Unknown #116 (ACG)

Metafictional Transportation-OS-Adventures Into The Unknown #116 (ACG)

Boris Karloff Thriller #2 (Gold Key)

Metafictional Transportation-OS-Boris Karloff Thriller #2 (Gold Key)

Forbidden Worlds #37 (ACG)

Metafictional Transportation-OS-Forbidden Worlds #37 (ACG)

Twilight Zone #9 (Gold Key)

Metafictional Transportation–OS-Twilight Zone #9 Gold Key

Unknown Worlds #13(ACG)

Metafictional Transportation-OS-Unknown Worlds #13 (ACG)

Wonder Woman V1 #64 (DC)

Metafictional Transportation-OS-Wonder Woman V1 #64

The Last Action Hero is an action comedy that has an action hero in our reality.

Metafictional Transportation-Last Action Hero

The movie Pleasantville looks at what happens if modern teenagers entered a fifties black and white sitcom.

Metafictional Transportation-Pleasantville

The Purple Rose of Cairo is a Woody Allen film that has the protagonist of the film leave the film and pursue a gal who he has noticed watches the film again and again.

Metafictional Transportation-The Purple Rose of Cairo

The Televillain (Awesome) can jump into the reality of TV shows and was created by Alan Moore (Supreme V2 #57).

Metafictional Transportation-Televillain-Supreme V2 #57 (Awesome)

Gorak (Marvel)-Tales of Suspense V1 #14


Madhouse #107 (Archie)


Victor Conrad (Marvel) becomes the sixth frightened man in Tales to Astonish V1 #54.


A man trades places with a woman in a horrible painting in Chamber of Chills #22 (Marvel).


A thief ends up trapped in a painting he tried to steal in Journey into Mystery V1 #71 (Marvel).

metafictional-transportation-journey-into-mystery-v1-71-1961-31 metafictional-transportation-journey-into-mystery-v1-71-1961-32

Abbot and Costello #14 (Charlton)

Fictional ConstructsSecond Doctor Sourcebook

The-Hulk-Hulk #11 (2017)

Unknown Worlds #32 (ACG)

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